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The Challenges and Opportunity in HR in the Contemporary Period - Research Paper Example

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The study will analyse some articles tackling recruitment and selection strategies in the context of international human resource management. This issue is selected not only because of its timeliness but also because of the need to understand further the strategic role of human resource…
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The Challenges and Opportunity in HR in the Contemporary Period
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Download file to see previous pages Three articles are going to be analysed to address the question raised in this study. Piotrowski and Armstrong (2006) deal with the issue of recruitment and selection practises of 750 companies found in the national business directories. The issue is significant as online recruitment and pre-selection offer an alternative that is cost effective and is capable of reaching more prospective applicants and as such, capable of placing the best possible person for the job opening. Krishnan and Singh (2006) focus on information system has effectively transformed HR functions from administrative towards strategic functions that ensure the satisfaction and empowerment of the employees while at the same time meeting the goals and objectives of the management. They argue that human resource information system (HRIS), which is considered as development in HR as technology is incorporated in HR functions, has created the paradigm and opportunity wherein HR is no longer constricted in just fulfilling traditional HR functions. HR, through the integration of technology and information system, is given more opportunity in developing activities, training, seminars, and other similar work related programmes that will help employees honed their skills, knowledge, and abilities as they perform their task. Furthermore, Krishnan and Singh (2006) caution that mere adaptation and implementation of HRIS in a company does not automatically guarantee better performance. Coordination, communication, collaboration, trust, and actual use of the technology should be made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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