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Museum Visit - Essay Example

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The museum visit presents a series of experiences that connects the artistic works to the actual representation and communication to the viewers; the arts communicate the ideas as well as the provision of fun to the individuals. Several questions are raised concerning the arts;…
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Museum Visit
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Download file to see previous pages The art shows the events that take place in the voyage journey, and it comprise of the sailors, boat and paddler in a water body. The water body is engraved with the aspect of the rough stormy movements of the water. According to the proponent of the art, it communicates the actual world in which we leave; it challenges our individual view of culture, politics, and consumerism for all spheres of life in a period. The art is presented in reaction to an arena of heroism and abstract expressionism. He depicts and eradicates the ideology that has been gathered over a period and tends to downplay the art originality and adopting various mechanisms of the actual into the realm of the artistic work. Thus, this allows for the endless flow of reproduction of the images in a rapidly changing environment and the world around us. He draws the inspirational representation of the symbolic ideas that have a great impact on individuals and presents the subject matter in a contemporary existence in the world around us. In the actual world, Andy Warhol presents the art to cover the aspect of experimentation of the world events, our emotional reaction, and an experience that we gather as we relate to the events, subversion and attitude. These require the insightful interpretation of the colors used, the events represented and the general expression that is created in the artwork (Brown-British, active USA, 1831-1913).
The message portrayed in the art concerns the dimension of culture, politics and how we relate to them in the process of human life. The sea or the water body as used symbolically represents the daily happening that take place in our environment, the message portrayed is that the events faced in life has two sides. The political, economical, financial and cultural system can be favorable or unfavorable, but the individuals in the environment develop the tools of management of the problems and the challenges. In the literal view of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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