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Differences in Staffing of Human Resource - Research Paper Example

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This paper stresses that the main areas that human resource management is concerned with are staffing, employee, and labor relations. In this report, the similarities and differences in the major human resource functions as practiced in Nigeria and the United Kingdom will be discussed.
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Differences in Staffing of Human Resource
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Download file to see previous pages Employees are given contracts, handbooks, and satisfaction surveys as well. Development of skills, culture, and team building are also an important part of the process.
Internal recruitment is favored in Nigeria among established firms due to the tremendous benefits involved with choosing someone who is used human resource policy. Strong support from a human resources department is required so that ethics are enhanced and productivity is promoted; otherwise it only leads to disappointment and unhappy employees.
The human resources process includes effective planning for succession and consistency in the management performance. This is done to make sure that internal staffing succeeds. Even though no new skills, fresh blood, or competencies are brought through internal staffing in Nigeria, it helps build strong loyalty within the organization. It happens because the employees get to change their positions after some time and don’t have to look for opportunities in other companies.
Fajana et al. describe Nigeria as the number one country in Africa that faces trouble due to an abundance of labor yet a lack of qualified employees. The development of best talents in the country, attracting, retaining, and deploying them became a challenge. Because of this, the need for effective management was emphasized.
Staffing in the United Kingdom mostly focuses on external recruitment due to the growing diversity in the country. In the hiring process, an organization goes through the applications that arrive for vacancies that they marketed for and then selects the candidates that they see the first, regardless of gender. Men and women both have the right to apply for the same job with the same pay and without any differences. For equal employment issues, the Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (Acas) provides services to people to help them solve their problems and gain their rights. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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