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Role of HRM in Modern Organizations and Dilemmas - Essay Example

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The paper "Role of HRM in Modern Organizations and Dilemmas " discusses that role-playing was used to demonstrate the Acas disciplinary procedure. The members played different roles. The author was personally in charge of interviewing and report writing…
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Role of HRM in Modern Organizations and Dilemmas
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Extract of sample "Role of HRM in Modern Organizations and Dilemmas"

Download file to see previous pages As a learner at level 6, the interactive workshop has helped me reflect on theories learned in class and link them to practical experiences in the workplace. The interactive workshop was an effective learning method since it included role-playing, case analysis and simulations together with brainstorming sessions. The interactive workshop has helped me develop effective interpersonal and communication skills (Ram 1995). The interactive workshop enhanced my communication and relations skills hence I am able to interact well and work in harmony with peers in the workplace (Ram 1995).
I was assigned the interactive workshop in order to get a practical view of disciplinary and grievance handling procedures in the workplace. I formed a group of six students that could help me in the presentations. I had to schedule the meetings and research on the presentation notes. I requested all the members to share the tasks equally and adhere to the set time schedules. I feared that common learning styles could not be agreed on since the group consisted six out of the eight students taking the subject hence a heated discussion on the relevant learning methods was inevitable. I was surprised to see the group agree on same learning styles with ease, this may be partly due to the high commitment of members that was established at the formation stage of the group. Each member had different learning needs thus we had to initially agree on the common learning styles that suit the needs of all the members. Some interactive techniques that I personally suggested include brainstorming, problem-solving in sub-groups and raising critical questions during the presentations (Daft 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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