How (knowledge workers) influences HRM in organizations today - Assignment Example

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There is no doubt that maintaining employee teams whose personal and professional objectives align constituently with the organizations is the key to…
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How (knowledge workers) influences HRM in organizations today
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Running Head: The Influence of Knowledge Workers on HRM in Today’s Organizations. Department In the modern world of competition, human capital is one of the most critical factors behind organizational strategy and success. There is no doubt that maintaining employee teams whose personal and professional objectives align constituently with the organizations is the key to business success. Skills, training and knowledge are crucial factors in the attainment business goals; knowledge workers have emerged as a very influential part to the human resource management of modern organizations. It is therefore important to understand the role knowledge workers have to play in modern business in terms of influencing HRM practices.
Knowledge workers have been identified with speeding up and influencing the creation and transfer of knowledge leading to the good performance of the organizations. These individuals extensively employ their intellectual abilities and skills; have high degrees of creativity as well as problem solving capabilities as a result of their strong experience and wide knowledge base. As such they are very important organizational assets given that organizations rely heavily on strong knowledge and skills to gain a competitive edge. Knowledge workers contribute to the organizations’ innovation; the information product and service innovation. Those businesses with competent knowledge workers posses a competitive edge in terms of ability to manage knowledge and management has to do everything to improve and retain these knowledge workers (Rasoli, Mooghali, Mousavi and Rashidi, 2013).
Knowledge workers present the human resource management in today’s organizations with a number of dilemmas. Organizations have to consider their employability and retention, focus on their development and ensure their personal identification with the business. Their demand is high in the particular industry because of their wealth of knowledge valuable to organizational success. Human resource teams can deal with dilemmas presented by knowledge workers through specific strategic HR practices. These include continued development and training of these workers as well as remunerating at rates commensurate with the responsibilities assigned to the workers. Human resource professionals can also manage these workers effectively by recognizing, rewarding and compensating for their extensive application of knowledge to organizational success.
In conclusion therefore knowledge workers are influencing human resource management in today’s organizations in very significant manner. Knowledge, talent, experience and skills are crucial for the success of organizations and as such managers have to use human resource practices that attract and retain these valuable talents. Compensation, reward and development are some of the strategies that can be employed by human resource professionals in dealing with knowledge workers.
1. Reza Rasoli, Alireza Mooghali, Mohammad Mousavi and Mehdi Rashidi. (2013).Modeling the Impact of HRM Practices on Knowledge Workers’ Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay: Re-Examining the Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of Motivation. World of Sciences Journal; 2013(04). Retrieved at Read More
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