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How convincing are assertions that training and development contribute to firm levels of performance - Essay Example

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In today’s highly competitive global business environment, it is common for organizations to want to take advantage of all opportunities at their disposal to enhance their effectiveness at value creation. Organizational strategic direction is to achieve competitive advantages in form of differentiation based on skills, knowledge and motivation of workers (Aguinis and Kraiger, 2012); such differentiation strategically positions them above the pack in their respective industries, and enables them to survive the tough competition from rival industry players…
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How convincing are assertions that training and development contribute to firm levels of performance
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Download file to see previous pages This is what led to the concept of Human Resource Management, which later became Strategic HRM, due to transformed corporate thinking that HRM needs to be integrated with strategic organizational management. One of the key functions of HRM is training and development of the human resource to increase their competence in performing both individual and group tasks (Thang, 2008) organizations believe that by incorporating of High Performance Work practices (best HR practices) such as training and development, they also enhance their levels of performance (Wilkowska, n.d). This paper examines the accuracy of this assertion, that training and development of an organization’s human resource enhances organizational performance. So, exactly how convincing are the assertions that training and development contribute to firm levels of performance? This question puts a new dimension into the universally acknowledged truths that training leads to enhanced organizational performance and knowledge generates growth. ...
The assertions that training and development contribute to firm levels of performance are not only convincing but also indeed true, at least to the extent to which they can be applied in organizational strategic management with successful results. Extensive research has proved that training and development enhances employees’ skills and abilities thus creating future returns in form of increased productivity and enhanced organizational performance (Tamkin, 2005). The human resource is a very interesting factor of production at every organization’s disposal, which if utilized to the maximum, has an incredible capacity to yield certain capabilities that are unique to every organization (Quartey, 2012). For instance, training imparts skills and there is increased product value when employees are highly skilled than when they are not (Booth and Snower, 1996), and this can be a source of competitive advantage to the organization (Latif, Jan and Shaheen, 2013), and more so, such capabilities cannot be duplicated by rival organizations. It is also undoubted that the human resource is the most valuable asset to every organization because it is directly in charge of the daily execution of organizational strategic plan. In recognition of this fact, most global organizations are moving towards achieving their strategic goals by working through people, rather than working by people. A survey in Britain revealed that many organizations fund training and development as investment towards building a highly qualified, motivated, and committed human resource that can yield quality value for the organizations (Felstead Training and development not only leads to skills development, but also directly affects attitudes of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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