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Training and Employee Development - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The author of the paper the evaluation of training department survival to address the employee issues is an important consideration in restructuring the training facility. Training must be continued and is in a manner of speaking a perennial sacrifice  …
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Training and Employee Development
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Download file to see previous pages Undeniably, training is a very important component of any profession and as such every organization has to provide for the training needs. The provision comes in varying forms, for instance, large enterprises can have dedicated training departments while small organizations can outsource the services from individuals or dedicated training institutions( Carliner 2003, p. 45).
There are is need to have a form of training, whether it is outsourcing or having an established and dedicated department. First, training is beneficial to the company staff in many ways and to the company since they are the company’s critical asset. It improves organizational efficacy through the use of refined skill imparted to the trainees. It also transforms the organization by improving the capabilities of the human resource department (HRD). The HRD is able to perform effectively and deliver its mandate to supply the company with a motivated and equipped workforce.
The fundamental aim of training is to develop the capacity to realize and accomplish a company’s aims. Developing this capacity requires learning new skills, communication patterns, attitudes, and knowledge. In some instances, the aforementioned already are in the trainees and the training comes in handy to refresh or hone those requirements.
The initial form of training was developing organizational skills of workers. In the early ages, industrialization, and development, workers were required to work together and in groups. To enhance coordination, groups were required to have a common understanding of the tasks and role-playing. In this century, training progress is relentless. The training activity assumes that you can prepare individuals for the future by taking them through what worked in the past. Training department has had challenges from the changing times.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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