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It has a positive outcome in that the employee grows personally when at the same time being beneficial to the organization. However, as Caruth, Caruth G and Pane (2009, p. 40) point out, if the employer does…
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Db3 2 training and development
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Training and Development: Negligent Training Training and Development: Negligent Training Training Vs Negligent Training Training is guiding and instructing employees for a certain activity. It has a positive outcome in that the employee grows personally when at the same time being beneficial to the organization. However, as Caruth, Caruth G and Pane (2009, p. 40) point out, if the employer does not train the employee sufficiently, this can endanger the safety of both the employee and fellow employees. This theory mainly focuses on the facts of each situation and is limited in its application.
An Article on Negligent Training
Funderburk and Kleiner (2002) have discussed new developments in negligent training using issues which trade magazines of the previous months had taken up. In their article, “New Developments Concerning Negligent Training”, they describe age and pay among various types of discrimination that are important to employers. Issues of hiring and firing concepts, which have been controversial in terms of employment, have also been discussed. Three cases regarding sexual harassment as a form of discrimination have been taken up. They conclude by saying that employers must keep track of labor laws and how they can adapt themselves to the changes. Employers should focus on reducing the risks of negligent training.
Reducing Negligent Training
The best method of limiting exposure is by educating managers. They should be made aware about the implications of their actions (legal or otherwise), and should hence set high standards of professionalism for themselves while dealing with employees. Disciplinary action against or discharge of employees should be done keeping the privacy and dignity of employees in mind. The document flow and the number of current employees with whom a discharged employee has contact should be minimized. Procedures should be in place for a suitable time and place for a discharge to take place. The procedure for recruitments should be centralized. If the number of interviewers is minimized, the scope for exaggeration on the part of prospective employees can be lessened. Hence, the terms and conditions regarding the work in the organization should be spelt out by one single entity.
Caruth, D. L., Caruth, G. D & Pane, S. S. (2009). Staffing the Contemporary Organization: A Guide to Planning, Recruiting, and Selecting for Human Resource Professionals. US: ABC-CLIO. 
Funderburk, M & Kleiner, B. H. (2002). New developments concerning negligent training. Managerial Law, 44 (1/2): 166-171. Read More
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(Db3 2 Training and Development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Db3 2 Training and Development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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