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It has been an essential component of each organization in the recent years to display their mission statements, which help its members to understand the company’s purpose, direction and helps to plan certain strategy. Whether company’s success depends upon the contribution…
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Db1 strategic management of human assests
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DB1 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN ASSETS It has been an essential component of each organization in the recent years to display their mission statements, which help its members to understand the company’s purpose, direction and helps to plan certain strategy. Whether company’s success depends upon the contribution of its every employee, the mission statement gives them awareness of what the company’s main objectives and goals are, what it expects from them for the realization of its targets and what benefits and offerings it can provide. Mission statements play a great role regarding measuring company’s vision of its activities and what its employees can do to bring these seeing into life. Mission statements are considered as one of the most widely used management tools, which help an organization to achieve those important goals and objectives for necessary conditions of long- term activity and market success (Bart, 2001).
One of the leading nutrition, health and wellness companies in the world food market is the Swiss Nestle, which aims to provide its consumers with the best nutritious and tasting food and beverage for all occasions. To be the best food company, Nestle invests greatly into the development of its people, using one of its principles for each employee to have an opportunity to develop to the maximum of their potential. It conducts learning in literacy and local and international trainings for its employees, has apprenticeship programs worldwide and gives the possibility to the managers to take part in the external management training. The company actively supports work and life balance of its employees, encouraging them for flexible working conditions if possible. To retain talents within an organization, Nestle should think over the improvement of its strategy towards its employees. Thus, certain surveys will give better vision of what employees expect from the company and how the relationship between the management and its staff can be improved.
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