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DQ knolege creathion - Essay Example

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Management Research As long ago as 1987 Shrivastava discussed rigour and practical usefulness in management research. This was very much one and the other, not one or the other. He goes on to describe how this can be achieved. 1. Research must be grounded in a base discipline 2…
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DQ knolege creathion
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Download file to see previous pages Can be linked to the work place where it is to be implemented. 4. Solutions to be implemented are found to be efficient in both time taken and overall cost.. It is those who make decisions within an organization who can best take advantage of any research results as this should serve to highlight such things as current and future market trends as well as any possible risks to be considered The maximum benefit from any research undertaken will be achieved if it is based upon most accurate picture of what is actually happening as well as the theories involved, but it can prove to be a difficult task to fit the practical results alongside the theoretical models. The aim for business researchers must be to arrive at knowledge based upon the two complementary aspects of rigour and usefulness. Rousseau ( 2006) and other proponents of a management style based upon evidence believe that this is possible. However , more recently Morrell ( 2008) criticized this picture and questioned whether it was really possible for management research to be done in this way and yet be rigorous enough. Is such research valid or is it just based upon theories? The topic for research, if it is to serve a useful purpose, must come out of the workplace ad problems faced there Such an example occurred when I worked for KPC Kuwait petroleum. Each month a crude monthly price was issued according to a fixed discount on the Saudi AM price for their crude. This real life practice example was afterwards used as a topic by management researchers. In 2009 Kieser & Leiner said that they thought that it should be easy for practice and theory to come together because good research can unite theory and the practice. For this reason education , whether in business schools or a mainstream university, is able to provide management researchers with the skills necessary to cope with any problems which arise. In 1987, Shrivastava (, p 88) suggested the use of research variables in relation to the goals of an organization and that research findings must be tested in situ with researchers being rewarded , testing research findings in organisational settings and reward researchers based upon the way in which their research can be applied in a practical way. In this way the gap often observed between practice and research will be closed or at shrink to a smaller one., as echoed ( 2005) by Bennis and O’Toole. It was suggested by Rousseau ( 2006, page 266) that the best evidence based research should be linked to work practise and solutions arrived at using a process of cause and effect. The culture of an organization that wants to be successful must allow for intelligent experimentation and possible failure in order the useful knowledge can be created. Rousseau believes that management is such a complex field that metaskills are required to deal with it successfully. Over simplification is a danger to be avoided, because there are no ‘one size fits all’ answers ( page 267) Also suggested by the same author is that feedback must flow with ease between educators, managers and researchers. On page 257 ( 2006) decries management gurus such as Jack Welsh and McKinsey who seem to suggest management decisions based upon relatively weak evidence. On the other hand their suggestions are relatively easy to understand as compared to duller and complex academic offerings. Perhaps there needs to be a middle way such as the 2005 article by Bennis and O’Toole in Harvard Business Review, which is a non-academic, non peer reviewed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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