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Advanced critical writing - Essay Example

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Training of employees presents an important opportunity to develop new knowledge and skillsets of all staffs for more efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Training and employee development saves costs which could have been incurred when correcting substandard or errors…
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Advanced critical writing
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Download file to see previous pages This is especially the case where employees are set for promotion and career growth. The noble cause of training and developing the human resources is however not without flaws. Training carries potential financial risks and brain drain, especially when trained employees quit immediately after receiving the training. In light of this, training should be accompanied by best practices in employee management such as motivation and proper staffing in order to achieve the best outcomes. This paper argues that employee training is vital to organizations and individual staffs.
Employee training and development improves the performance by eliminating most of the weaknesses in the staffs in the workplace. A training initiative enables the organization to sharpen those skills needed by each staff to limit errors and carry out tasks satisfactorily and within a reasonable duration of time (Jayakumar, David, & Sulthan, 2014). Such programs bring all the staffs covered by it to a higher pedestal where the skill-sets and knowledge are relatively uniform. This limits any weaknesses within the human resources which may otherwise prompt heavy reliance on a few staffs to complete certain tasks. Providing the vital training and development creates generally knowledgeable workforces who can stand in for one another and thus improve functioning teams that can work independently without continuous assistance and supervision (Sung, & Choi, 2014). In addition, Latif, Jan and Shaheen (2013) suggested that training limits employee burnout and high turnover rates which otherwise would be ubiquitous in a workplace environment where the company relies of a few skilled employees to perform non-technical jobs.
A structured employee training and development initiative ensures that the staffs have reliable experience and contextual knowledge to handle virtually any corporate challenge which they may come across. Jayakumar, David and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advanced Critical Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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