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Human Resource Management and its Role in Managing the Employees of any Organization - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a pivotal role in managing the employees of any organization. They help the organization in meeting strategic goals, maintaining and managing the employees effectively and efficiently and thus contributing to the overall company goals and objectives…
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Human Resource Management and its Role in Managing the Employees of any Organization
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management and its Role in Managing the Employees of any Organization"

Download file to see previous pages Overall, the Human Resources department helps in organizing and deals with any issues related to compensation, safety, policies, wellness settlement, general administration, training and development. They are also expected to add value to the employees (Wikipedia, 2010)
Health and safety law basically safeguard the welfare of employees and general public. The law holds the person, company or organization liable for any employee injured through accident at work or death of any employee. The Health and safety team can execute a criminal prosecution against the company which may result in penalty or imprisonment against the company management. The affected employee can also seek for damages in the civil court. (Wikipedia, 2010)
Risk Management team to access the risks involved to the employees, customers, vendors who are affected by the activities performed inside the company premises. Protecting the health of other people against risks in connection with the activities performed by people at work.
Having an effective leadership team and effective workforce management will help the organization in protecting and safeguarding the interest of the employees. The indispensable and critical principles are protecting the health and safety of the employees should be one of the main focuses of the risk management team in any organization. Health and Safety plays an integral and fundamental part of the organization’s success.
Management, board members and the leadership team who do not show any focus in this area would never be able to achieve the highest achievement of health and safety management and should be penalized. Failure on the part of the management to incorporate health and safety as a key business risk can result in disastrous and appalling results to the organization. The law states that the leadership team will be personally and collectively liable in the event of a breach of these duties. (Health safety executive, n.d)
The management should be held responsible and liable for violating the basic health and safety of the employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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