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The Difference between Personnel and Human Resource Management - Assignment Example

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The assignment gives detailed information about the personnel management and human resource management departments which are very critical for any organizations as far as delivery of services is concerned. The major functions of human resource management are to ensure that all decisions…
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The Difference between Personnel and Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages Personnel management is mainly concerned with the management of the workforce instead of resources, according to Armstrong (2008, p. 98). Personnel managers, unlike human resource managers mainly handle administrative duties such as ensuring that the immediate needs of employees in an organization are met so as to ensure an effective working environment. Koster and Koster (2007, p.6) also note that the two management functions also differ in terms of the nature of relations. In this regard, whereas HRM focuses more on group interest by ensures that the needs of all the employees in an organization are met, personnel management, on the other hand, focuses more on the interest of an individual employee instead of the group as is the case with HRM. In this regard, the management and employees exhibit a contractual relationship where one recruit and others perform according to Koster and Koster (2007, p.6). Koster and Koster (2007, p.7) allude that the duo also differs in terms of management and power relations. In this regard, whereas power in HRM is highly decentralized and is shared between lower and middle-level management groups. Power in personnel management is highly centralized. As a result, in personnel management, all the decision affecting an organization is made by top management and communicated vertically to subordinates and employees. Armstrong (2012, p.44) argue that line managers play crucial roles in the organization by helping in ensuring that human resource functions are discharged accordingly. The important roles of a line manager have particularly been seen in NHS that has a line manager working alongside the HR manager. Some of the principal duties performed by line managers at NHS include supervision, staffing, and ensuring that employees work in a safe and healthy environment. Regarding supervisory functions, line managers at NHS keep maintaining direct contact with all employees at the hospital through engagement. This gives them the opportunity to monitor the quality of work performed by employees in the course of their duties. At the same time, line managers ensure that every employee report to their duty station in time to ensure the effective and timely delivery of services to patients at NHS hospital. Supervisory duties of line managers are very crucial because it also ensures that any vacancy that may arise due to absenteeism or unknown reason is filled to ensure timely discharge of duties according to Armstrong (2012, p.45). Armstrong (2012, p.45) also reveals that line managers can sometimes take up the position left vacant while awaiting the arrival of an employee so as to ensure that no work is left unattended. In addition, line managers ensure that all personnel is present to ensure that no department is left unmanned. Armstrong (2007, p.512) also notes that the line manager at NHS in collaboration with HRM ensures that the hospital has enough staff. In this regard, in case of a shortfall, the line manager is expected to report the matter to the HRM to enable the organization to hire someone to fill the vacancy. In addition, a line manager as apparent at NHS is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that new employees are adequately trained so as to ensure quality service delivery to patients and other stakeholders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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