LO 1. Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management LO 2. Understand how to recruit emp - Essay Example

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Human Resources (HR) Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Human Resources (HR) Introduction Human resources management involves: planning personnel needs, conducting job analyses, recruitment of the appropriate people for the job, training and orienting, providing incentives and benefits, managing salaries and wages, resolving disputes, evaluating performance, and Communicating will all the organizations employees at all levels…
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LO 1. Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management LO 2. Understand how to recruit emp
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Download file to see previous pages LO. 1 Understand the Difference between Personnel Management and Human-Resource Management Personnel management Personnel management is defined as: 1. obtaining, 2. maintaining, and 3. Utilizing the satisfied workforce The objective of personnel management is to achieve the mission and vision statements of the organization. Personnel management is a paramount pat of the management, which is mainly concerned with the employees as well as their relationships with the organization. It is paramount to note that personnel management is mainly administrative in nature whereby it deals employees, the employment laws and their payroll among other administrative functions. Personnel management is considered reactive since it offers demands and concerns as they are presented whereas from a motivational concept, it mainly tends to only motivate the employees through bonuses, compensations and rewards. Notable human resources management have defined personnel management as the process of: organizing, planning, integration, maintenance, and Compensation of the employees. The fundamental purpose of this process is o effectively contribute to: societal, individual and Organizational goals. Goals of the Personnel Management 1. ...
To create effective inter-personal relations at the same time developing a sense of responsiveness and responsibility amongst the employees and the workers. Personnel management adopts the best conceivable methods or techniques in order to bring the best possible developments of the employees on work by cooperation between capital and labor (Randhawa, 2007). Human Resource Management Human-resource management is the fundamental function within an organization that mainly focuses on management, recruitment as well as offering directions to the employees in order for them to achieve the organizations' objectives. The line managers can perform these functions since nowadays; human-resource management courses are an integral part of the line managers’ training. Human-resource management is an organizational role that deals widely with: hiring, safety, wellness, performance management, compensation, employees’ motivation, administration, communication, and Training. Human-resource management is a strategic approach that manages employees as well as the workplace environment and culture. Effective human-resource management plays a fundamental function in ensuring that an employee can contribute productively and effectively to the organizations’ overall directions and be able to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. Human-resource management involves shifting away from the old traditional transactional, administration and personal roles. Currently, a human-resource manager is fully expected to add value, especially to the strategic utilization of the employees and to ensure that the various employee programs have a direct impact on the business in measurable ways. Some of the latest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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