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The following paper is a report for outlining the key principles of human resource management showing the differences in personnel versus human resource management and also the motivation, performance management and reward system for staff…
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The key principles of human resource management
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that there are more similarities between personnel management and human resource management than difference and this is mainly assumed by different number of authors. According to Torington, a personnel management is continues process of growth and evolution where more expertise people are required. In this evolutionary process HRM is adding only a dimension to a multi faceted role and is not assumed as a revolutionary concept. But the concept of HRM should not be undervalued or underestimated. Storey has regarded HRM as different approach and philosophy for the management. HRM provides a new platform for managing personnel. Difference between Personnel management and HRM are mainly comprises of meaning than of substance. Thus the real difference between personnel and HRM is not actually what the concept are but who are defining the concepts. Another important difference between the two approaches is appreciation towards the employees. Personnel management believes that employees are the key to improve the performance whereas HRM assumes that the employees are essential for success of the organisation. HRM concentrates on strategic fits unlike personnel management; HRM emphasis on individuals whereas personnel emphasis on collectively; Personnel management provides a generalised HR solution and HRM a much more tailored solution; There is an increase need of HR specialist in case of personnel management whereas in HRM senior mangers perform the work of an HR. Personnel is associated with trade union and managing conflict and HRM with performance, capabilities and outcomes. HRM has a strong emphasis over horizontal and vertical integration. It operates at a strategic level and personnel management is more operationally oriented (Banfield & Kay, 2008, p.40). Function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes The functions of HRM have changed over the years and are continuing to change. The function of HR is to enable organisation to achieve the objectives by way of taking initiatives and providing the required guidance as well as support on matters relating to the organisations employees. The main motive is to develop HR strategies and policies in the organisations. HR functions also play an important part in creation of the organisation environment which enables the employees to utilise their capabilities to benefit both the organisation and the individual. The function of HRM also tends to provide advice and services which enables the organisation to get work done through individuals. The sophisticated HRM aims to achieve a strategic integration (Armstrong, 2006, p.54). The HRM concerns most of the managers as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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