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The Determinants Of Child Labor - Dissertation Example

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China's arrival onto the world stage has led to an increased level of scrutiny of its internal politics and societal issues. The paper "The Determinants Of Child Labor" discusses the major causes of child labor in China, as well as what type of child labor is most prominent…
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The Determinants Of Child Labor
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Extract of sample "The Determinants Of Child Labor"

Download file to see previous pages Chinas arrival onto the world stage, in particular after the last two decades of economic reforms has led to an increased level of scrutiny of its internal politics and societal issues. This has meant greater attention being paid to various issues such as freedom of speech, political freedom, equality, and social justice. (Villeneuve, 2009).
Moreover, a significant number of western companies have been involved with the Chinese economy and markets in recent years. (China Economy Hums Along as the U.S. Remains Mired in Recession. This is in part due to the economic embracing of global market capitalism by Chinas leadership but also to the fact that western businesses, in particular, the US and European multinationals have been on the lookout for new markets for their products and services. (China Economy Hums Along as the U.S. Remains Mired in Recession.
In this context, growing scrutiny has led to a number of reports describing a number of issues afflicting Chinese society. These include the problem of child labor. Indeed, according to The China Youth News, 44 of the 206 foreign-owned companies or joint ventures in the Chinese province of Shenzhen illegally employ children (BILA, 1994).
Child labor is not a new phenomenon and it is not a strictly Chinese issue either. Child labor has historically been present in various regions around the world over long historical stretches. For instance, it was common practice in England throughout the industrial revolution and is still a major issue in various countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. (Doepke & Zilibotti, 2005).
In China, child labor has come to the attention of human rights organizations as well as international bodies in recent years. In April 2006, the International Labour Organisation(ILO) published a report entitled the End of Child Labour: Within Reach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Determinants Of Child Labor Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11000 Words.
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