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Sarinas Position in Balleen Regional Hospital - Case Study Example

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The paper "Sarinas Position in Balleen Regional Hospital " states that as the company has resorted to cost-cutting measures, it is finding ways of increasing the productivity of employees and getting the maximum output from this. This they are doing by applying freeze on new recruitments. …
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Sarinas Position in Balleen Regional Hospital
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Extract of sample "Sarinas Position in Balleen Regional Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages Cost-cutting measures have resulted in extra work pressure for Sarina which has given rise to the demand for re-grading by her. She is expecting the organization to compensate her adequately for the extra work she has been handling on account of reduced staffing.
Her situation can be very well explained by the various motivation theories relating to organizational behavior. Equity theory is one such theory which states that “employees compare the inputs of their efforts to the outputs or results of another person or group of people” (Griffin and Moorhead 2009). When they compare and find that their ratio is equal to others, they feel motivated else de-motivated. This is what is happening to Sarina as she feels that those who are working less than her or are less experienced than her have been able to get re-grading done easily while her request for the same has been rejected. On the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, Sarina stands at the highest level of need which is self-actualization. She is in charge of processes but does not have enough authority to take corrective actions with regards to the erring individuals. Added to this is the lack of support by the organization leaders on operational issues. Another problem faced by her is on account of her personality trait. Various models have been developed in organizational behavior studies which help explain why a person behaves in a particular way. The following figure shows Eysenck’s model of personality (Martin and Martin 2010).
From the brief description about the problems she is facing with people in other departments, it can be inferred that her personality falls in the lower left quadrant of the circle. She is peaceful and reliable as far as the work is concerned. Hence, she is quite willing to provide her experienced hand in jobs which are actually not in her purview. However, she is passive about getting her own work done.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sarinas Position in Balleen Regional Hospital Case Study.
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