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Treatment of Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example

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This report "Treatment of Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia” ascertains that more than half of the total workforce in the kingdom is made up of foreigners, whose basic rights are often grossly violated by employers, which becomes a reason for the intervention of Human rights organizations…
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Treatment of Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Treatment of Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages The Madden report illustrates the failure of the Saudi government to implement its own labor laws in the face of considerable abuses of foreign workers by their employers.  Whitson also found men and women in conditions resembling slavery, this case demonstrates that the Saudis are turning a blind eye to systematic abuses against foreign workers.  Human Rights Watch examined gender discrimination through evidence from Asian women who had recently worked in Saudi Arabia, the report highlights the widespread practice of forced, around-the-clock confinement of women in unsafe conditions.  In other cases reported, some 300 women from India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines reported working 12-hour shifts, six days a week, cleaning hospitals in Jeddah.  At the end of the long working day, they would return to crowded houses which were in the style of a dormitory in which 14 women would share one small room lined with cot-like beds.  The women would be locked in from the outside, thus denied freedom of movement for the two or three years of their contract.  This should be a criminal offense under Saudi law.  As the Human Rights Watch says, this is enforced imprisonment of workers and they have noted this occurs more often with women.
The Madden report also included four cases of women who were sufferers of forced confinement and sexual abuse including rape cases.  In all of this, the perpetrators, three of whom were already alleged rapists, did not face criminal investigation or prosecution.  The Human Rights Watch found some women who were serving sentences on illegal pregnancies in a prison in Riyadh.  Saudi Arabia’s legal system is faced with persistent gender discrimination coupled with law enforcement officials’ indifference to women’s complaints.  This places them at great risk as noted by Whitson.
It was disclosed in May that there are 8.8 million foreigners in Saudi Arabia, a figure significantly higher than any that the government has previously reported. This means that there is almost one foreign resident for every two Saudi citizens with a local population of about 17 million. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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