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Saudi Arabia: Case Study Report - Research Paper Example

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The paper comprise and thus will discuss the following sections: Saudi Arabia: general overview of culture, Management in Saudi Arabia: communicative perspective, Hofstede’s model, Trompenaars’ model, Positive and negative stereotypes of Saudi Arabia, Business in Saudi Arabia: cultural perspective, Do’s and don’ts in business with Saudis: SWOT analysis…
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Saudi Arabia: Case Study Report
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Extract of sample "Saudi Arabia: Case Study Report"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident that there are many obstacles and misunderstandings between Saudi Arabia and Western world. In order to become a successful international competitor, Saudis have to be more open and ready for changes (Idris, 2007, p. 37). Western businessmen shouldn’t neglect cultural peculiarities of this country. Vice versa, it is a hard work to establish long-term trustful relationship with Saudi Arabia, full of respect and mutual understanding. From the very beginning, business paradigms of Western and Eastern worlds are different. Thus there is a need to facilitate challenges and work for international organizational performance improvement. Saudi Arabia needs investments and Western world is looking for profits increase. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is dependent on foreign labor. Consequently, a complicated nature of relations between these two different worlds should be of primary concern for modern scientists and researchers in order to turn Saudi Arabia from developing to developed country and open new horizons of international partnership.
2.0 Saudi Arabia: general overview of culture
Saudi Arabia has always been considered a reserved country though interest of international society to this country is heated by goods and human resources exchange. On the background of global economy Saudi Arabia has to act in the international arena in compliance with the needs of international society. ...
The principle of seniority is another crucial issue for Saudis. Respectful attitude to elder people, family respect and consequently obedience to senior managers are crucial moments for Saudis. In Saudi organizations there is a strict hierarchy. “In their daily lives and in business Saudis respect elder people, thus line managers are obedient to senior managers” (Negandhi, 1983). A principle of strict delegation of authorities is of primary concern for Saudis. Thus decision making is in the sphere of senior managers’ responsibility, while line managers next to employees do not have influence in the process of decision making. A low-risk context of business doing in Saudi Arabia should create a relevant mood among business partners. High level respect to senior manager and acceptance of line managers and employees functions should be followed by foreign business partners.
As far as we can see, nonverbal peculiarities of Saudi Arabia business conduct are crucial for managers from this country. Respectfully, punctuality is another important principle for Saudis. Thus nonverbal communication principles are evident in Saudi Arabia and there is a great need to comply with numerous peculiarities which are not relevant to Western world. The attention of managers in Saudi Arabia is usually concentrated on punctuality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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