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The Nature of the Current Trade Unions in the UK - Essay Example

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The paper "The Nature of the Current Trade Unions in the UK" signifies that the basic objective of the formation of trade unions had been to save the workers and the employees of the organizations from their tyrant owners. But now, time has changed. The companies value their human capital the most…
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The Nature of the Current Trade Unions in the UK
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Extract of sample "The Nature of the Current Trade Unions in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Along with other change agents, the influential factor of globalization has also played a very significant role in shaping the rules of the present industry. The world has become all the much smaller and the reach of the citizens (i.e. the end customers) have increased to a huge extent. The effects of globalization have almost written – off the international borders of geography. The workers or the employees of almost all of the industries are informed like never before, thanks to the boom in media and specifically the internet. The workforce of one country are often observed to have relationships on the grounds of strategies and thought process with their counterparts of other nations. Therefore, in the present day of continuous change, it is all the more challenging to shape and fix relationships for the governments with the working class of the nation i.e. the trade unions. Unlike the past, it would not be enough for the government only to focus on the national and the present issues but also it should take in to account the happenings of other nations in similar situations. It is also pretty clear that the relationship between the government and the trade union cannot be based upon certain obstinate terms, at least in this changing era, and it should necessarily be flexible and adaptable to the changing scenario. The Role of Trade Unions
The popularity of trade unions in society has been from the ages of the industrial revolution. It was in the continent of Europe that witnessed the primary presence of the trade unions. Trade unions are basically formed by the workers and employees of same organization who share similar working conditions. The trade unions had been a great help for the workers and the employees i.e. the working class as it tried to carb the exploiting working conditions by the companies in the past through the measures like collective bargaining. The public sector trade unions are specifically the association of the employees of the public sector units.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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