The Changing Role of Trade Union Movement in UK over Ten Years - Essay Example

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The Changing Role of Trade Union Movement in UK over Ten Years
UNITE has become the face of employees’ issues and have evolved as the best channels to see and advocate for better working conditions of workers in different industries and professions…
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The Changing Role of Trade Union Movement in UK over Ten Years
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Download file to see previous pages Since their formation, trade unions have largely been concerned with the issues of workers, and the primary aim of these trade unions has been to advocate for better working conditions of workers. UNITE is one of the biggest trade unions of the 21st century and at the moment, the trade union enjoy a huge membership of about 1.5 million individuals.
The union was formed after a merger of two big trade unions in UK and Ireland known as T&G and Amicus. Some of the primary objectives leading to the formation of the trade union were to address the issues facing its members in the 21st century in the most appropriate ways. The trade union has come out as the appropriate voice of reason in championing the needs of employees while spreading its services and membership rights to all people with no particular formal organisations. The trade union has continuously advanced for the issues of its members tireless and has tried to remain equal in its advancement initiatives where it prides in seeing the interests of its members addressed more appropriately.
UNITE has not just confined itself in UK, but it has been active in global issues and today, the organisation has established global links with other trade unions in other countries and the primary goal of these partnerships is to see that, trade unions in contemporary world confront and address challenges of global world and economy in the most effective and benefiting manner. (UNITE, N.d). Therefore, the subsequent sections will look at the experiences and challenges of UNITE trade union and how the union has been to respond to them and how in the next ten years the trade union will be able to address the varied issues continuing to face the modern world. UNITE Trade Union: Challenges facing the Union When trade unions are formed, the basic objective is to defend and advocate for the rights of workers, and have a long history (Leverhulme Trust, 2002). In other words, the history of trade unions in UK is characterised by increased efforts aimed at bringing the issues of workers to limelight where employers and government to address. At the moment, many employees in Britain are categorized as paid workers, and a large portion of them are members of trade unions while others remain unorganised in formal trade unions. However, in recent times, evidences are rife concerning the setbacks of trade unions and challenges they continue to face. Moreover, despite these, it has to be known that trade unions in the country remain the largest voluntary body in society, and their influence in improving the working conditions of workers cannot be underestimated. In this way, unions can be said to be particularly important in the welfare of employees in the country, and their role is still significant. UNITE trade union was formed after T& GWU and AMICUS resolved to dissolved their constituency unions and merger for the benefits of their members. As a result, UNITE was formed in 2007 and at the moment, the union is the largest union in the United Kingdom and republic of Ireland (UNITE, 2008). The union has about 2 million members drawn from diverse sectors and professions. For instance, majority of the union members come from industries such as the; transport, public services, manufacturing, finance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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