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Equal Opportunities - Gender Discrimination by HR Professionals - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Equal Opportunities - Gender Discrimination by HR Professionals" discusses the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace. This paper also uses numerous case studies of some of the largest companies in the world and also tries to compare the performance of male vs. female employees…
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Equal Opportunities - Gender Discrimination by HR Professionals
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Extract of sample "Equal Opportunities - Gender Discrimination by HR Professionals"

Download file to see previous pages If the Human Resource managers of idol companies such as FedEx and Wal-Mart are carrying out such policies; then who is the world, its entrepreneurs, and SMEs supposed to look up to as glorifying examples. But then again, another way to look at it may be that since the superior officers and executives in these companies are creating and passing such policies, and these are highly qualified people, so why would they craft a policy that demeans womankind and steals them of opportunities; and specially when these policies could severely damage the company’s brand-name and goodwill. If quantitative figures are to be considered, one could make an example of the case of Dukes v/s Wal-Mart and straightforwardly declare that 1.6 million women can’t be wrong, and since they are closer to the situation, they know better. But then again, the case was filed in the year 2000 and till date the court has not reached any verdict; nevertheless, Liza Featherstone wrote a detailed book about the case in 2005 and mentioned that besides buying and selling discounted products, another major source of income of Wal-Mart is “bad labor practices” (Featherstone, 2005). Besides one lawsuit does not qualify as ‘quantitative research’.
Wal-Mart again faced a similar gender-based discrimination lawsuit in Walden v. Wal-Mart in 2001 which suggests that Wal-Mart didn’t change its policies even after Dukes, so the question here is why would Wal-Mart’s or FedEx’s executives risk the company’s goodwill on the grounds of gender discrimination?
These two concepts are quite distinctive in terms of ethical, legal, and moral implications. A person is a sexist when he/she is a chauvinist or believes in the superiority of any one gender over the other, being a sexist does not pose any legal consequences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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