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The Effective Management of International Human Resources - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes one area in IHRM taking much attention for study today that is the training and appraisal of expatriate employees, who have been more utilized “as strategic coordination and control mechanisms for the multinational organization in their ever-expanding global operations”…
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The Effective Management of International Human Resources
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Download file to see previous pages Since training expatriates are viewed essential to the success of MNCs, added by the fact that training involves a considerable investment of the organization’s resources: time, effort and financial resources, the end goal of any training should always be clear. As Helen Keller said: “The only thing worse than having no sight, is having sight but no vision” (cited in “Something to think about,” 2004, p. 1). Thus, giving any kind of training without clearly addressing anything is not training at all, as training is meant to improve expatriate’s performance. According to Palmer and Varner (2002), “training and development of expatriates should be tied to overall organizational goals… never focus primarily on benefiting the individual expatriate” (p. 8). Thus, measuring its success would mean more of organizational rather than individual expatriate’s benefits, because if not, training would be the organization’s lost, as it would have not acquired the international knowledge gained by the expatriate. Remember, “Intellectual capital matters more than any other asset” (Drucker, 1999, cited in Palmer and Varner, 2002, p. 13). It would be much better, of course, that both personal growth and organizational objectives be achieved because the more the expatriate is personally enhanced in the framework of the organization’s objectives the better. Furthermore, as organizations clearly define their specific goals with their international operations, the more specific and customized, resultantly more successful the expatriates training would be. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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