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The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction - Term Paper Example

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The author of "The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction" paper analyzes the activity of recruiting, selecting and inducting of employees into an organization with a specific focus on how to reduce costs and to find out the best practices…
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The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction
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Extract of sample "The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction"

Download file to see previous pages The workers only form the crucial ‘cog’ in the running of the organization. And, only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimum success. In the case of running an enterprise or organization, the recruitment function is a continuous process, and so the leader or the manager particularly the Human Resource Manager should perform the staffing function at all times. 

 It is necessary that the management must ensure constant availability of a sufficient number of efficient employees from managers, executives, technical persons to laborers, for the efficient functioning of the enterprise. Overall, the recruited or selected person should be physically, mentally, emotionally and temperamentally fit for the job. This can be achieved by adopting or by having an optimal recruitment process. So, only if the workers are recruited perfectly and trained effectively, they can work perfectly and provide optimum productivity. 

Recruitment forms the first and the main part of the staffing process, whatever is the type of the organization. The HRM perspective stresses that each activity including Staffing should form part of the whole process of people management. Normally, organizations or its management or its leader in the initial stages will recruit or build a working group of employees, by associating individuals who came from the same ‘stable’ like friends, workmates, family members, etc. This mainly happens at the start of the organization. Then, as the organization continues to function, setting different targets, will give rise to different needs, necessitating the recruitment of new employees. These employees will be recruited based on their education, skill level, knowledge, experience, attitude, etc. That is, as Schein said, “... The best way to build an organization was to hire very smart, articulate, tough, independent people and then give them lots of responsibility and autonomy”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction Term Paper - 1.
(The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction Term Paper - 1)
The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction Term Paper - 1.
“The Best Practices for Recruitment, Selection and Induction Term Paper - 1”.
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