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Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance - Assignment Example

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This paper “Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance” contributes to the work/life balance and work/non-work conflict literature by analyzing the literature of various studies, which examine the attitudes and experiences relating to work/life balance among the UK employees…
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Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance"

Download file to see previous pages Corporate leaders understand that employee's work and family lives rarely inextricably linked. They always have been but today, with increased pressures in both domains, the overlap and the challenges created are increasingly obvious and complex to resolve. Solving the paradox seated in an organization need to be optimally productive and the individuals need to find quality time to meet domestic responsibilities, to establish, maintain and grow relationships and to relax and re-charge, is the great challenge of the new millennium. Most managers have yet to overcome the conundrum for themselves let alone help employees resolve it in their lives.
The prospects for easing the work/ life imbalance dilemma lie, at least in part, in establishing what is creating it. Know thy enemy and so forth. Enemy number one must surely be the time distribution imbalance trap - consistently committing too much time to work where this is having a detrimental impact on personal life. The theories of the work-life balance of this research suggest that employers need to adopt a broader perspective on policy regarding work/life balance in order to include those without conventional family responsibilities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance Assignment.
(Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance Assignment)
Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance Assignment.
“Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance Assignment”.
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Work Life Balance

From the research a work-life balance is a metaphor through which work is understood in terms of life. However, what constitutes a balance between work and rest of life to one individual may not be the same for another. As employers and policy makers are pressured to respond to the work-life challenges that today’s workforce is facing, it will become more and more important to understand what these individuals are looking for in terms of work-life balance. A major driver that has led to the increased interest in work-life balance is the changing face of the Workforce. There are a number of significant demographics changes taking place in the workforce today, changes that will also continue well into the future. Those organisations...
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Work-Life balance

...? Work-Life balance AFFILIATION: Work-life Balance Introduction to Work-life balance Human Resource Management (HRM) is a crucial part of the organizations in today’s world as the corporations have realized that they can compete effectively in the respective industry by developing a competent and valuable workforce. The importance of the human resources can be reflected from the viewpoint that it is actually the employees who execute the plans for the firm. A plan on its own is f no use until effective hum resources carry it out Hence human resources are the crux of any organization for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. When the companies focus their attention on nurturing a well-skilled and highly qualified staff...
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...? “Work Life BalanceWork life balance is considered as one of the most important concept for the organizations competing in today’s corporate world. Organizations cannot progress if their employees are going to be treated as machines whose sole aim is to provide earn profits for its masters. This mentality is outdated as far as the HR practices of modern management are concerned. Organization can only progress if its employees are given equal time to spare on their domestic activities. Research suggests that work life balance is the major concern of today’s workforce. Although companies often claim that their policies focus on the work life balance however this is not always the case. Company’s policy and procedures are not sufficient...
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Human Resource Management - Worklife balance

...Running Head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (WORK-LIFE BALANCE) Human Resource Management (Work-Life Balance) s Name] Human Resource Management (Work-Life Balance) Introduction There has been growing interest among both academics and practitioners in the issue of work/life balance. This is doubtless a consequence of the fact that many UK employees work long hours - men in full-time jobs, in particular, work longer hours than those in any other European country (DTI, 2002). Furthermore, there is evidence from academic research that generational values differ (Brandth and Kvande, 251-267, 2001) and that young people today emphasise achievement of work/life balance more than their predecessors (Lewis et al, 2002). If this is the case...
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Work-life-balance theory

The disparities lead to the false perception of inferiority complex aspect, which is associated with the female gender (Isabella, 2006, 73). This issue complicates the issue of cooperation and coordination within an organization setting. This is because when the issue of gender disparity incorporates with other underlying issues within an organization, an organization is negatively affected. Therefore, the aspect of achievement and leisure within an organization is essential in the attainment of a work-life-balance even in the engendered organizations.
 Gendered organization employees experience some work imbalance issues (Billing, 2009). The gendered organizations support a better environment, which boosts the motivatio...
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Work-life Balance In the Global Human Resource Management

...Work-life Balance in the Global Human Resource Management Introduction Employees form the basic ‘crux’ of any organisations. Theirs’ physical and mental state has to be kept at optimal levels, not only for the success of the organisation but also for the wellbeing as well as success of the employees themselves. To keep their physical and mental state at optimal levels, employees with the support of their organisations need to strike a fine balance between their professional as well as their personal life. However, organisations and also employees themselves could focus more on professional side, thereby sidelining their personal side. Employees could be ‘forced’ by the organisations to make maximal or even stressful physical and mental...
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Work-life Balance In The Global Human Resource Management

...Work-life Balance in the Global Human Resource Management Contents Introduction 3 Brief Analysis about the Case Studies and Identification of Issues regarding Work Life Balance 3 Understanding the Changing Nature of the Workplace and its Effect on Work-life Balance in a Global Context 5 The Range of Work-life Balance Initiatives and Flexible Working Practices 6 Analysis and Evaluation on the Key Features of Cultural Specificity and Variation across Countries and Regions in terms of Issues of Work-life Balance 9 Conclusion and Recommendation 9 Introduction Work life balance is a nothing but a concept which helps the employees to keep a proper balance between his work and his life style. Here work means the pressure and stress related...
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Work-Life Balance

... Teacher Scenario A Rachel’s short term is to have somebody take care of her baby and to afford their household expenses while her husband is in between jobs. Their choice is to have Bill attend to their baby while he is still between jobs to save money from the expensive day care. 2. Their long term goals are to have Bill find another job and to pay off the mortgage on the house and to pay their student loans. Also to set up a college fund for the baby when he or she grows up. 3. Opt the baby out of expensive day care and have Bill, the husband to take care of the baby while he is still in between jobs. This will save money and make bill productive while looking for a new job. Rachel will take turn in taking care of the baby...
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Work-life balance

... in the human resource team as a follower associate while still being the leader in the marketing team. The interchangeable roles are strongly in line with the principle of fairness and consultation. It is guided by the need to have each of the associates practice what they are comfortable with and be available to help others achieve their teams goals and by extension those of the company. 2. Elements of this companys approach to work-life balance that could be adopted by other organizations. This company has a management culture that has a very effective balance of work and life. There is none of the employees who can claim that the company does not allow him or her to live a personal and well-organised life. This is ensured by a number...
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Work Life Balance

... environment can affect the choices, this is due to whether the work has unpredictable demands and schedule that is rigid, in this case balances work and life can be complicated. The article on the work life balance in a business environment covers all the aspects that pertain to work balance in an organization. It even gives a step by step checklist for human resource managers to check so as to provide their employees with a humble time to balance work and life. The strategies given are simple and conclusive towards achieving work life balance. Apart fro m discussing on the strategies, the article also explains how both the individual employee and the organization gain in terms of productivity if work life balance is a success...
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