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Subject: Human Resource process Topic: is it so difficult for employees to achieve work-life balance in Australia - Essay Example

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Why Is It So Difficult For Employees To Achieve Work-Life Balance In Australia? Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Work-Life in Australia 4 Problems to Be Faced If There Is Less Working Hours in Australia 5 Conclusion 6 Recommendations 6 References 8 Introduction Work-life balance can be understood as the management or maintaining proper control while performing multiple roles entailing work-life as well as personal life…
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Subject: Human Resource process Topic: is it so difficult for employees to achieve work-life balance in Australia
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Extract of sample "Subject: Human Resource process Topic: is it so difficult for employees to achieve work-life balance in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages Australian work life is undergoing transformation every day which is proving to be useful for many but also proving to be a challenge for some as with increasing work pressure the requirement of more time and dedication increases (Van Wanrooy & et. al., 2007). It is of primary importance to retain employees so that the organizational efficiency of the organization does not decrease (De Cieri & Kramar, 2003; Thompson & McHugh, 2009). Efforts will be made to enhance long working hours in the organization by way of various motivational activities and various schemes which enable high productivity in the organization (Balnave & et. al., 2009). Work-Life in Australia Work-life in Australia is mostly governed by all the internal factors that exist inside the organizations. Those internal factors may include various laws which are entitled for the employees as well as various arrangements are kept for taking care of the employees. There include catering facilities, first-aid facilities and non-hazardous working environment among others. In certain reports, it has been found that equality in workplace is not maintained all the time. However, according to various reports, it has been found that the affect of work life in one’s personal life is almost zero or nil. Even though, it was recorded that work life did not have any negative impacts on the other aspects of life, it was found that almost 50% of the employees were not paid for working overtime. These findings were extracted from the work history of Australia from the last 30 years. Nevertheless, surprisingly, it was found based on genuine reports that more than 70% of the employees were satisfied with the overall work culture (Cch, 2010). It is also found that Australia, as a nation, strongly believes in the concept of extended hours of part time work as it is found that many employees feels accustomed having to work part time and for long hours but they may not get the desired results all the time, in fact, it is found that those employees who work according to the preset limits are more satisfied with their jobs. From the studies, it was observed that employees in Australia favor equality in the workplace along with flexibility in the work and timings along with overall job security which is similar to most of the employees throughout the globe (Pocock & et. al., 2007). The Australian employees do consider work life balance a very important aspect and they are also very much active in their work and their duties irrespective of the various internal and external factors concerning their personal lives or any other aspect of life. It can be noticed that they know how to maintain a proper balance of work with other aspects of life as a whole. On a broader context, it has also been found that the government has not provided significant concentration on the issue of Work-life balance instead it has merely supported the need for work-life balance to alleviate the problem of 'baby crisis'. Along with this, human resource policies of the Australian companies targeted mainly on certain groups only, e.g. single parents, mother, child-careering instead of other employees i.e. married professionals in relation to work-life balance issue (Pocock & et. al ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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