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Industrial relations - Assignment Example

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Industrial relations: Industrial relations nowadays are one of the major issues faced by different industries around the world and it also possesses complex and delicate problems of modern industrial society. …
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Industrial relations
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore it is essential for employers to maintain good relationships with workers and vice versa in order to collectively reach towards productivity and goals of the organization. Concept of industrial relations: Generally the term industrial relation comprises of two words; Industry and relations. The word industry has a general understanding of any work or activity by which an individual or group of individuals are engaged in order to give productivity. Moreover the word relation means the way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected. Or in other words relationships that usually happen or exist within the organization amongst employer and employees. Industrial relations system: Industrial relations system generally is a system, which has the complete range of relationships between managers and employees. This also includes management of the relations in terms of conflicts and cooperation. Moreover industrial relations system is considered to be in the ideal state if relations amongst management and employees are carried out considering mutual coordination, cooperation and harmony rather than carrying out conflicts, disputes and lack of sharing. Furthermore it provides or creates an ambiance which one way or other promotes economic efficiency, productivity and growth of the worker and in return receives loyalty of employee as a result mutual trust can be obtained. Keeping in view that the role of state is also involved in it (Godard and Delaney, 2000). Participants in industrial relations system: There are three main actors or participants in an industrial relations system which are directly involved in the system these are (Heery and Frege, 2006): government employees employers Government: The rules, regulations and legislations regarding industrial relations are usually made by government in most parts of the world. Though organizations tend to follow their own rules and regulations regarding hiring, firing and working conditions but overall standardization of rules are to be set by government and all organization are bound to follow those rules and regulations (Heery and Frege, 2006). Employees: Generally workers are the backbone of the industry and these workers are always willing to improve their conditions in terms of employment. If something is not working for them they always try to raise their voices in order to convince management about some particular issue. Moreover in some cases workers are willing to share decision making power in terms of management. Usually they tend to be united and form a union whose purpose is to raise their voices and issues and discuss this with management in order to find solution (Heery and Frege, 2006). Employer: Employers or bosses are the whole and sole of the company and are mainly responsible for hiring and firing of employees and choosing person for jobs. These bosses are usually strategic apex of the organization that in most cases have different managers working for them in order to run organization (Heery and Frege, 2006). Given below is the figure for better understanding of industrial relations process: Scope of industrial relations: Industrial relations can be classified in terms of employee and employer relationship that usually come from day to day operations however if we consider industrial relations in a broader spectrum it is the relations amongst employer and employee in order to carry out working of the industry to gain productivity. It may spread over the areas of marketing, quality control, price fixation and disposition of profits amongst others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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