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Industrial Relations in Australia - Research Paper Example

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As the paper outlines, the Australian Industrial Relations has avoided and prevented the practices of the strike calls, for raising objections, and a system of conciliation and arbitration has been introduced and implemented, the system has been incorporated under the jurisdiction of the Court…
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Industrial Relations in Australia
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Extract of sample "Industrial Relations in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The introduced reforms in the country has constitutionally permitted the court to settle the disputes and issues relevant to the 'wages and conditions of employment for the nation's employees' (Giudice, 2006), such reforms are expected to generate economic effect with reference to the 'decisions and its relationship with industry protection policies which would endure until the closing decades of the century' (Giudice, 2006). The significant feature of the Industrial Relation system practiced in Australia has been its collective system, the industrial relation system has 'provided legal recognition for trade unions which, once registered had the capacity to act in industrial disputes in their own right on behalf of their members present and future', the system has further authorized the industrial units and the trade unions to perform on 'strong egalitarian foundation' (Giudice, 2002). As per the regulations of the government with reference to the industrial relations, the parties, unions, and employers have been encouraged to file their grievances in the Court for early and peaceful settlement, and avoid any malpractices which are expected to hamper the industrial activities and growth, the industrial units have been barred from different practices of strikes and lockouts, and have regarded such practices as unlawful. Such reforms and regulations have deeply influenced the industrial relations of Australia, and integrations of all these regulations and combination have been unusual. The Australian laws have further incorporated certain variations in the labor laws of its states, and the major concern of the regulations has been 'the bargaining process'. The understanding of the Australian legislative towards the Industrial relations have been extremely different, 'this was because the rationale for Australian unique system was that the strike was to be replaced with conciliation and arbitration carried out under the auspices of a tribunal with a responsibility to protect the public interest' (Giudice, 2006). After the strike calls were legitimized in Australia, it was observed that such practices were never adopted because the unions and the industrialists had the common understanding that such practices will never address the concerns of the unions towards the employers, and neither will it benefit any of the party. The country has introduced statutory rights, the purpose of which is to offer protection to the individual employees from expected or unexpected 'unfair or discriminatory termination' (Raymond, 1970) of their services by the employers. Australian laws with reference to the Industrial Relations are required to go through process of conciliation, the prevalent issues have to be initially resolved through conciliation efforts, and any harsh technique and forcible approach has to be avoided and discouraged, and any of the party found guilty of such an act will be regarded as guilty on the grounds of offensive approach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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