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Key Factors In the Motivation of Employees in the Institute of Physics - Case Study Example

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This paper "Key Factors In the Motivation of Employees in the Institute Of Physics" focuses on the fact that motivation is one of the important factors affecting human behaviour. The level of motivation does not only affect perception and learning but it also the performance of the individuals. …
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Key Factors In the Motivation of Employees in the Institute of Physics
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Download file to see previous pages The need can be defined as the feeling of slackness for something and human being tries (activities) to get blackness removed (satisfaction). Here, we can differentiate between needs and wants. While needs are more comprehensive and include desires- physiological or psychological, wants are expressed in a narrow sense and include only those desires for which a person has money and also the desire to spend money for satisfying the wants. There are many psychological needs, e.g., to get status in the organization, which do not come under the category of wants. Thus human behaviour (activities) is caused by motives or needs, and motivation is the process of inducing persons to experience needs for certain desired behaviour so that organizational efficiency is achieved. Various persons1 have defined motivation in their own words; however, the basic contents are the same.
Motivation is a psychological phenomenon, which generates within an individual. Needs are feelings in the mind of a person that he lacks a certain thing. Such feelings affect the behaviour of the person.
2. The person in totality, not in part, is motivated. Each individual in the organization is a self-contained and inseparable unit and his all needs are interrelated. These affect the behaviour in different ways. Moreover, the feeling of needs is a continuous process; as such these create continuity in human behaviour.
3. Motivation is the product of anticipated values from an action and the perceived probability that these values will be achieved by the action. The anticipated value is called value and it is defined as the strength of a persons preference for one outcome in relation to others. The perceived
probability is called expectancy and it is defined as the strength of belief that a particular act will be followed by a particular outcome. Thus, the motivational relationship can be expressed in the following formula.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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