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Workplace Human Resource - Essay Example

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Within a framework of the paper, a list of important aspects of human resource management in my workplace will be discussed, including outsourcing, managing attitudes of part-time workers, the effectiveness of different types of warnings, social package, and so forth. …
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Workplace Human Resource
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, this department is only responsible for managing the existing employees within the business.
Credit Union Bank has a corporate HR department responsible for the implementation and development of different aspects of human resource management, including hiring, talent management, change management, organizational performance, learning and development, employee engagement, benefits, compensations, diversity and inclusion, employee relations, and so forth, However, the local branch I work for has its local HR department.
Basically, the HR department in my branch of the bank is responsible for the same things the corporate one is. However, of course, the amount of work and the scale of responsibilities differ significantly. While the corporate department is more focused on the long-term goals of the whole chain of banks, the local HR department in my branch is more concerned about such aspects of work as getting the best-fit candidates for vacant positions, keeping under control the relationships between the employees in the workplace, giving feedback on the achievements and performance of the employees, and designing compensation and bonus systems.
Since the branch I work for is relatively small, the local HR department is represented by one single person. Regardless of the fact that our bank branch is not big, to my point of view, it is hardly possible for one person to cover all the responsibilities and duties an HR manager is supposed to cover. Proceeding from this, it becomes clear why some HR-related problems regularly occur in my workplace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workplace Human Resource Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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