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The paper "Strategic And Workforce Plan of WeaveTech" seeks to draw a three-year human resources plan for WeaveTech. The plan includes the business metrics that will be used to measure the achievement of the organization's strategic goals and objectives and a workforce plan…
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Strategic And Workforce Plan of WeaveTech
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Introduction During the contemporary period, it can be d that the environment in which the organizations operate is changing hence human resources planning has become inevitable and dynamic as well (Jackson and Schuler, 2010). Basically, effective human resources planning consider change from both short and long term basis. As such, this paper seeks to draw a three-year human resources plan for WeaveTech. The plan includes the business metrics that will be used to measure the achievement of the organizations strategic goals and objectives and a workforce plan.
Historical background of the company
WeaveTech is a clothing company that specialises in manufacturing different clothes for the military. The company is comprised of 315 managers and 1 835 employees. Though the company has experienced high performance in terms of production, it is facing strategic challenges in its human resources. The company’s culture is based on total quality and performance based pay. However, of late, its traditional customer base has been shrinking and price sensitivity has been rising. The leadership at WeaveTech has suggested downsizing the number of the managers by 20 % as a strategic objective meant to turn around the fortunes of the company.
Strategic and Workforce Plan
The company needs three years to build a talent pool and the first six months should be spent carrying out an analysis of the environment, develop a model of skills required as well as developing a strategy that is meant for development of the talent pool. Within the remaining period of two and half years, the following initiatives which also constitute implementation will be taken into consideration:
Assess/reorient current managers and determine their skills
Train managers to gain knowledge about the new strategy
Talent management
External recruitment of managers with needed skills
Quarterly meetings with senior executives to review progress
It has to be noted that as the plan is rolled out, there are certain changes also needed in other aspects of the HR system as a whole which include training programs for other employees as well as reviewing the structure of the organization to ensure that there is compliance with the envisaged workforce plan.
Business Metrics
The business metrics that can be used to track the success of the organizational goals and initiatives include performance measurement. The legal implications of this workforce plan relate to federal regulations that stipulate that employees that have been made redundant are entitled to their full benefits and packages and this can strain the organization’s financial position. Indeed, there are compliance issues with the federal law and regulations that should be taken into consideration. Such risks can be mitigated if the downsizing process is carried over a gradual period such that the transition does not impact on the operations of the organization. From the case of WeaveTech, internal information required in the development of the workforce plan pertains to elements such as skills development, identifying the gap in terms of the needs of the employee where training is required as well as reviewing the operations of each department in order to streamline them towards the attainment of the set goals and objectives. External information in this case relates to head hunting where the executive management should try to look for people with the best talent to replace the managers going to be laid off.
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