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In the paper “Importance of Good Communication Skills” the author describes the three most important lessons he learned, which include the importance of good communication skills both at the organization level that is when communicating with colleagues and dealing with clients…
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Importance of Good Communication Skills
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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT affiliation Reflecting Back Last year was one full of a number of lessons for me as an employee.The three most important lessons I learned include the importance of good communication skills both at the organization level that is when communicating with colleagues, and most importantly, when dealing with clients. Misunderstandings between people in any organization arise from the lack of proper communication, and by communication I mean both listening and speaking as well as the written means of communication. In last year’s events, a number of misunderstandings arose from the lack of proper flow of communication or the entire lack of it (Tovey, 1998).
Secondly, I also learnt that team work plays a central role in an organization. Huge tasks were easily achieved through team work proper cooperation amongst individuals. Lack of teamwork resulted into a series of disagreements and the struggle for superiority which slowed down progress. In addition to the two lessons I have mentioned above, I also learnt on the importance of proper leadership skills especially for the managers of the organization. Poor leadership skills, such as lack of rules and regulations in the organization can sink down an organization like it attempted to in this organization.
Personally, I have added value to my organization through learning the foreign language Spanish for 60 hours in three months, hence enabling me to communicate effectively with Spanish speaking clients. Many Spanish speakers therefore feel a sense of belonging to the organization (Tovey, 1998). My professional development as a sales agent through the learning of Spanish has spiraled me to higher levels. I was, six months ago appointed to be the regional supervisor for sales agent for six states with a major on the states populated with Mexicans, with a salary that is twice what I got as a sales agent. Besides my organization and my clients gaining from my development, my family has also gained. This is because, my monthly income has improved, and I can afford a better house, and a better school for my children.
Moving Forward
To identify my learning and professional needs, I look at the needs of the clients and the organization at large. For example I identified the need to study Spanish to communicate with the increasing number of clients of Mexican Origin. In the next one year, I seek to advance my skills in the sales industry by acquiring a Masters degree in Sales and Marketing. Secondly, I would also like to develop my team functioning skills by enrolling for classes with the human resource department. Finally, I want to develop on my leadership skills by enrolling for leadership classes. I would like to make a difference to my organization by bringing in more clients, especially those of the Spanish descent who do not have the capability to speak in English.
Tovey, R. (1998). Professional development. Cambridge, MA: Harvard College. Read More
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Importance of Good Communication Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 22.
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