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Communication can be referred as the foundation stone in the development of children. Communication should not be considered as the oratory skills in the symbolic languages. Communication is an important process that begins right from the birth of a baby (Klein, Cook & Richardson-Gibbs, 2001). …
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Importance of Good Communication
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A Formal Academic Research-Supported Essay Introduction Communication can be referred as the foundation stone in the development of children. Communication should not be considered as the oratory skills in the symbolic languages. Communication is an important process that begins right from the birth of a baby (Klein, Cook & Richardson-Gibbs, 2001). Several connections and thought processes are formed inside the brain of the children during the early years of their life. These are both adaptable and flexible. The onset of the life of a child is characterized by three objectives, such as joint attention, behavioural regulation and social interaction. Communication is an important skill that needs to be acquired by educators as these communication skills provide a significant understanding of the perspective of a child. Ineffective communication can give the educators a wrong perception of the knowledge level of a child. Communication is the only pathway that can help the educators to assess the globe through the eye of children. Effective communication skills help an educator to understand the concept and logic obliged by the children in terms of several issues. Importance of Good Communication Skills for Early Childhood Educators Effective communication skills lead to an even information flow from one medium to another medium. It ensures that an educator can understand it easily and the dispensed knowledge is gladly accepted by children. The educators can be benefited most by utilizing the attraction laws. It will help them to get maximum significant response from children through effective communications. Effective communication skills help the educators to appeal (Cosmas, 2012). Moreover, it increases the children’s attention level towards the course work. Effective communication helps the children to boost their moral levels. It helps the children to participate in several important activities. Effective communication skills help the educator to avoid several ambiguities. It is necessary for the educators to deal with the children in the early phase of childhood. These skills will help the users to know when to say and what to say. This systematic manner will help to give most significant and positive outcome. Ambiguity is one of the key factors that make the learning process critical and challenging. Ambiguity generally succeeds in the making of an educator (Deiner, 2011). Communication aids in the nurturing of time saving virtue. It helps to transmit the message from an educator to a child or vice versa. It is a normal and genuine occurrence which is brought by the use of words. These might have two different meanings. The skills of the educator in communication help to recognize the cultural background of the child. This makes the indulgence of knowledge a lot easier. The child managed by the educator is usually at such a stage where the child is quite curious and wants to learn as many things as possible. If the educator makes mistakes on consistent basis featured by the own obstructions then the child may actually develop a problem a certain discipline that may last for a very long period of time. The voice of clarity should also be considered by the educator. Someone with a deprived pronunciation and rhetoric skills may communicate poorly and hence may harm the potential mental growth of the children (Barker, 2013). In the development of communication, such skills are often taught by the educators. These skills enable the educator to find out and correct the particular areas of weaknesses. Voice control and the use of the vocal variations would also help the education process. On the other hand any physical defects or queer voice structure may actually make the children alert but this cannot guarantee attentiveness. The educator should be assertive so that the children can treat the instructor a lot more seriously and respect the authority of the instructor. This could be possible through the correct use of the various form of communication. For example, the educator may actually bring into play the use of hands and other facial expressions to make the children focus on the major points. However, being assertive does not mean that the educator has to be overly harsh or strict. On the contrary, being assertive means that the educator would entail self presentation (Nielsen, 2008). Communication is an important field and listening is the most important of the communication because the individual who is good in communication also allow other to speak. Listening is an active part of communication other than just speaking. This also makes the learning in the young age very interesting. Through the listening skills, education can be made a lot more interesting as the educator would know and can measure whether the message conveyed to the students is being interpreted by the students or not. Communication also allows the educator to use psychology in the approach of teaching. This is more likely to be helpful in the long run. The approach to distribution of knowledge would be critical. This is mainly because the children are known to be more responsive to recall things when the educator uses a lot more tactical approach towards teaching such as handshake or even a pat on the back. This is quite significant as an educator can actually make a child feel good and appreciated. Other psychological approaches can also be utilized to discipline the educators through positive and negative reward schemes. Good communication skills help the educator in the development of an approach towards the process of education. An educator can choose a particular approach that would make the concept easily understandable to the students. This would also make the distribution of knowledge smoother and simple. Good communication would make the educator a lot more organized in nature (Fielding, 1995). Conclusion The relationship between communication and other various skills defines true skilled educators. In addition communication has a multitude of limits that can be improved over the period of time. The enlisting of communication is very crucial for both the educators and children. The enlisting of communication ensures proper comprehension learning among the learners. Therefore it should be embraced by all possible means. References Barker, A. (2013). Improve Your Communication Skills. London: Kogan Page Publishers. Cosmas, J. (2012). Management of Family Involvement in the Early Childhood Education. Berlin: GRIN Verlag. Deiner, P. (2011). Inclusive Early Childhood Education: Development, Resources and Practice. Stamford: Cengage Learning. Fielding, R. (1995). Clinical Communication Skills. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. Klein, M., Cook, R., & Richardson-Gibbs, A. (2001). Strategies for Including Children With Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings. Stamford: Cengage Learning. Nielsen, J. (2008). Effective Communication Skills: The Foundations for Change. New York: Xlibris Corporation. Read More
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