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Organisation Design &Organisation Development - Assignment Example

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Organisation design is a process that requires the integration of people, technology and information in an organization through stipulated guidelines. The process of organization design focuses on improving both the technical and people aspects of an organization (Cox2014, p…
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Organisation Design &Organisation Development
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Extract of sample "Organisation Design &Organisation Development"

Download file to see previous pages Organisation development dwells more on ensuring that people achieve effectiveness for an organisation to achieve its overall success.
Organisation problems can be a set of challenges that hinder an organisation from working at maximum efficiency. The problems could be resulting from poor leadership, which affects the structure of an organisation or the systems established within the same. W.L Gore Associates is a company within the textile industry that applies a unique leadership format. The company does not have a hierarchical system of leadership, which is an ancient command and control system. The challenge that this brings is that there is familiarity when it comes to leadership and team members are allowed to act as they will. Based on this, this essay will focus on this problem and use the functional structure and the classical organization theories in addressing the same.
Gore Associates believe in having a horizontal leadership structure in which all employees are equal and do not have to be answerable to anyone. The flat leadership also allows for an inclusive decision-making process where team members have to be consulted before making important decision making (Ruairc, Ottesen, & Precey 2013, p. 116). The company’s CEO also focuses more on being friendly to the employees rather than on getting the job done. The company also works under the assumption that the employees hired are aware of their responsibilities, meaning that supervision should not be a key practice. Employees have the autonomy of planning their work schedules as long as they get the work done, which at times can be chaotic.
Essentially, there is no system of operation that employees have to follow meaning that everyone is their boss (Obolensky 2014, p. 72). When it comes to the CEO, the employees get to choose who should be in charge, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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