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Critically discuss difficulties you think an organisation development approach might have in managing change in a large organisation (i.e greater than 1000 employees) - Essay Example

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In today’s business world, one of the primary considerations in measuring the Human Resource management’s objective of the organization is the way service is rendered. At least from the contingency of the studies in the restructuring of organizations, there are no two firms…
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Critically discuss difficulties you think an organisation development approach might have in managing change in a large organisation (i.e greater than 1000 employees)
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss difficulties you think an organisation development approach might have in managing change in a large organisation (i.e greater than 1000 employees)"

Download file to see previous pages these efforts are often directed at keeping the organisation up-to-date, reviving its strategies and fostering creativity or innovationist to keep up with the competition (Naghibi and Baban, 2010). One of such strategy is the initiation and implementation of the Organisation Development (OD) Approach- that is practitioner-driven intercession that influences organisation change to enhance the effectiveness (Uk.Sagepub.Com, n.d.).
OD approach had its origin in the early 1930s when a group of psychologists realized that the organisational structure has an effect on both workers’ motivation and behaviour (, 2014). The current OD system has extended to include policies of aligning organisations with swiftly evolving and complex business atmosphere through organisation training, skills management and organisation norms and values transformation (, 2014). However, the process of implementing the OD is not always smooth as some of the difficulties may be experienced. The difficulties may be varied depending on the size of the organisation. For instances, a larger organisation (above 1000 employees) will often have its norms, and values documented than in small organisations (Huberths, 2012). Some of the difficulties experienced in managing change include individual resistance and organisational resistance to change.
Several definitions have been generated to explain the meaning of organizational development, some of which are significant. According to Hitt and Middlemist, organizational development (OD) is a systematic way for planned change that engrosses the whole organization and is anticipated to boost organization’s efficiency (Learning Ace, 2014). Another definition by Cumming and Huse is that OD is a wide application system of behavioural science skills to the premeditated development and fortification of organizational strategies, processes, and structure, for fostering an organization’s efficiency (Cummings and Christopher, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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