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E-Procurement and E-Supply Chain - Essay Example

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The advent of Internet technology is evolving more and more opportunities to get work done faster and with more quality. The homegrown information system will be in the form of Intranet for the corporate firms to make their own system operating for e procurement and e supply…
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E-Procurement and E-Supply Chain
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Extract of sample "E-Procurement and E-Supply Chain"

Download file to see previous pages To survey or to study e business transformations, good understanding of complex adaptive systems is required. For example in weather forecasting there will some inaccuracies. Those inaccuracies are reduced by electronic solution that reduces the chaos. Similarly e business will make a company behaviour to be determined by precise laws. The growth of the company results in loss of control over operations. The growth increases complexity and wide range of business needs extra control that is possible by IT solutions. Cathay pacific can use complexity to transform the problem into a solution to bring order in to the increasing business. The increasing business will result in chaos when there is no control. The control can be obtained by enhanced communication, which results in increase of relationship between management, suppliers and customers. The e procurement and e supply chain makes us to better understand the disorder that affects the business and corrects it to do the business in order.
The analysis of the data and the points will enable the firm contemplating of adopting these technologies for enhancing efficiency of their network. In this system some of the processes which are done physically will be made online and the necessity of checking the authenticity of the online transactions will be explored. Care must be taken that the persons other than authorised ones will not take the system into hands and control the e procurement and e supply system.1
1.2 Procedures of the online system and making it authentic:
The Cathay Pacific company have two types of goods to be procured. The first type is the technical and the second type is non technical. The engineering goods, the spare parts for the machines and planes come under the technical goods. The furniture and accessories used in the office, the items used for providing facilities for the passengers in the plane and the uniforms and other construction material if any required comes under non technical goods.
In e procurement the tender process will be done online. They are assessed and orders will be finalised through network. The supplier will be connected in network of the company.1
The recognition of the finalised papers by the supplier is a key for the authenticity and the legality of the network. The electronic signature which is used in the confirmation of the orders to the suppliers will be supplied to them and can be made secret so as to make it unique. For this the electronic signature must be changed from time to time and for every transaction.2
1.2 Increasing the quality of procurement after adopting online system:
The e procurement will increase the self-organisation and self-renewal. This is due to the quality of e procurement that involves the ability of adapting and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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