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Qatarization in CBQ - Research Proposal Example

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The present business world has become quite competitive and, therefore, it is important for enterprises to devise effective means of generating revenue. Apparently, the Qatar banking system has grown quite dynamic in the recent past. The issue of Qatarization has been…
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Qatarization in CBQ
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Download file to see previous pages Essentially, the development of education and the emergence of the modern technology have enabled Qataris to assume positions that were only reserved for the foreign expatriates. In this regard, the Qatarization strategy can be implemented effectively since there is a sufficient competent workforce.
The study was influenced by the need to increase the number of local employees in the commercial bank of Qatar. Studies have revealed that most of the employees working with the bank are foreigners and the percentage of the local employees is quite insignificant. In this regard, it is imperative to develop strategies that can aid to increase the number of local employees in the organisation. Apparently, there exist many ways through which the number of local employees can be increased in the organisation. The modern technology have offered unlimited interaction platforms where people can interact and share ideas. Moreover, the advancement of the marketing practice in the present days offers various avenues that can be used to source local employees for the organisation. Therefore, the organisation has unlimited ways of getting local employees that can assume different positions.
Brewer (2007) points out that poor representation of local employees in the commercial bank of Qatar has persisted for quite some time. In essence, local employees constitute a less than 50% portion of the entire workforce of the organisation. Moreover, the local employees in the organisation do not occupy top ranks in the organisation. Instead, the top ranks are dominated by expatriates who oversee the work of the junior staff. Therefore, it is inevitable to conduct research and try to find a solution to the problem of poor representation of local employees to the workforce of the organisation. In essence, the local personnel should be given priority over foreigners to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Qatarization in CBQ Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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