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The paper “Social Work Counseling” discusses the case of the 21-year-old Simon, who has traveled through a chain of disappointing case scenarios in life that had altered his thinking and relationships with those he cared for including his mother…
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Social Work Counseling
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Download file to see previous pages Simon’s problems did not commence when he quit his job. As a counselor, I can trace his troubles from childhood stages when he witnessed the tragic event of a divorce of his parents. Divorce has extremely adverse effects on children. In fact, it has been argued and established that divorce affects children caught up in such marriages with the intense trauma that surpasses that of the parents. Effects of divorce can manifest in adulthood even 20 twenty years later. Divorce instills feelings of despair and rejection. He must have felt rejected since childhood and to make the matters worse, the events of maltreatment kept on recurring in his life experiences. Subconsciously, he was building blocks for protection, which is normal for every ego. Community plays a vital role in an individual’s development since it provides the social environment that nurtures a person’s social growth (Rosen & Proctor, 2013). The community determines whether a person will develop social or social attributes. Definitely, the environment begins with the family set-up, which is the primary determinant given it poses as the immediate social environ for every individual.
Feeling instilled in one’s persona at home can reflect secondary environs. Modeling is a method that can change Simon's behavior by helping imitate other people with a more positive attitude. Simon should attend the social setting where he can learn from the response of others. Modeling is an intervention plan that facilitates the change of behavior by encouraging the affected individual to imitate the behaviors of others. Simon's behavior should be evaluated over a period over which his behaviors would be observed.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work Counseling Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1932 Words.
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