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Mental Health Counseling Field (Social Work perspective) - Essay Example

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The more advantaged in the society oppress the poor by exploiting them. In the mid-1800, the rich people utilized the services of the poor and made sure they pay them just…
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Mental Health Counseling Field (Social Work perspective)
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"Mental Health Counseling Field (Social Work perspective)"

Download file to see previous pages It is the belief of Marx that a struggle among social classes will engineer the change required (Marx, 2008).
According to Kirst Ashman, structural reasons are common causes of poverty, which fall under the economic and political systems. The economic factor of poverty occur where wages are low for the working class and not adequately fulfilling the survival needs of the workers, hence they remain under the poverty line. The movements of industrialists to North America where there are cheap production costs have also increased poverty because the availability of employment has decreased (Ashman, 2010).
The consequences of poverty are declining healthcare where most of the employment paying their workers poorly provides no healthcare policies. Insurance policies have forbidding costs that the lower class people cannot afford to raise. Nearly 15 per cent of citizens in the U.S. do not have health insurance cover. Poverty in families causes poor educational quality. It is a fact that the highest number of cases of people dropping out of school are from the poor class in the society. The poor are not as educated as the rich are. The housing conditions of the poor are also unaffordable since of them live in inferior housings. Their property owners neglect them. Many of the poor people cannot afford to pay their rent. According to the Marxist, a culmination of socialist revolution is to be expected.
Moshack, 2011, defines generalist practice as the application of diverse professional skills and roles in social work practice. The generalist practice is an ethical model based on a knowledge base, where social work is developed and based on values enhanced by social work (Ashman & Hull, 2007). Social workers utilize this practice to engage, advocate and educate clients. They work with both individuals and communities in various social work settings.
General practitioners involved in mental health have the obligation to view clients from the perspective of strength. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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