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This department has several functions that include salaries regulation, hiring of employees and doing advertisements. This department also works to develop a companys long-term strategies together with the management for…
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How hr functions are handled
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HANDLING HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONS Introduction Human resource is an important sector in any company. This department has several functions that include salaries regulation, hiring of employees and doing advertisements. This department also works to develop a companys long-term strategies together with the management for growth. Human resource department is an intermediate between employees and management. Employees can access all information they need about the company from this department. Functions by the human resource is a key department and should be handled with great keenness and seriousness.
Hiring of employees is done by the hiring manager by identifying the vacancy and evaluating the need. A position is created a plan to recruit a suitable employee is implemented. A committee is formed to formulate a recruitment plan that shorts applicants, and interviews are conducted and hiring is done. Breaks are issued differently depending on a country’s regulating laws, and supervisors can give this breaks in some departments and in some staff members give breaks. This breaks can be lunch breaks or leaves. Some countries can give 30-60mins lunch break while some countries can give lunch breaks after 5 working hours but for both cases it is either regulated by supervisors or staff members (Mondy and Noe, 2005).
Vacation days are administered by the head of the department and are necessary for all employs to help balance their wok life to their social life. During this period, an employee is entitled to be paid, and the length of this vacation is given depending on the employees years of working in the company. The human resource department designs a way of calculating the pay to be given to the employee during vacation days. Human resource staff has the responsibility to draft letters of employment to new employees. Upon employment for small companies, the staff also controls payroll duties such as holiday maintenance schedules. For compensation to remain effective, it’s the work of this staff to control wages and salaries within the company (Mondy and Noe, 2005).
Employee’s skills are developed further by the human resource department by providing mentoring programs and training. The staff reviews the employees performance and deals with complaints from employees and work on solving any disputes that arise. For union employees, their contracts are overseen by human resource to come up with negotiation to assist the management. Federal and state laws are regulated by human resources to control benefits and compensations resulting, It is with the help of the department that reporting duties and audit work is commissioned equally. Any disputes among employees are handled by the human resource department be it compensation injuries for workers or sexual harassment by other workers (Mondy and Noe, 2005).
The human resource department is an important organization for any company be it an investment company or a bank. Since it has the critical roles of handling the proper function of the company. With its main role being hiring of employees, it is this department that is responsible for selecting the most suitable employee and the decision they make will definitely affect a company’s working positively or negatively. These departments being an intermediate enables the efficient flow of work since it takes care of all employees’ welfare and tackles all issues affecting their performance. It is, therefore, important to note that the human resource functions must be handled with a lot of seriousness to develop a company’s growth.
Mondy, R., &Noe, R. (2005). Human resource management (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Read More
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How Hr Functions Are Handled Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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