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The Role of Human Resource in the Success of an Organization - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Role of Human Resource in the Success of an Organization” the author tries to determine secrets of effective management, the significance of behavioral factors in the success of managing organizations or developing teams to accomplish objectives. …
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The Role of Human Resource in the Success of an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages They were treated with less concern and still the focus of human resource were on improving the methodologies of production by focusing on skills of workers and how they will be able to accomplish their tasks in relation to their job. Other factors that affects effectiveness of worker i.e. interest and career growth, were of less consequence as measure of organizational effectiveness.
As more studies were conducted to determine secrets of effective management, more theories and findings were identified and more books were written that give precedence to the significance of behavioral factors in the success of managing organizations or developing teams to accomplish organizational objectives. Total Quality Management, for one covers several aspects of management. It applies to the quality of the strategic thinking exhibited by executives, the quality of the firm’s ethics or company beliefs, the quality of training, the quality of technology management, and to the quality of communications2. It encompasses everything. If you’ll look at it, it significantly stresses higher concern on the human resource factor and it is way beyond the original concept of how industry looks at the role of HR to the effective management.
Now, HR is an integral part of management and plays significant part in the success of the organization. They became a partner of the management team and perform more than personnel management or office records management. HR became not only as a mother figure in a commercial company, who talks and handles grievances of employees but also, they play a role in decision-making, policy development and implementation of the company’s aspirations and beliefs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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