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The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management" highlights that the growing long term effectiveness of sound HR policies is now showing its fruits in multinationals; hence the HR manager now works as a strategic business partner in the organization (Barrie, 2010). …
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The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the staggering importance of the human resource, human resource departments now hold strategic importance in multinationals as well as domestic firms. The role of the human resource manager is evolving too. At first, human resource managers held administrative functions related to the employees. In this ever-changing environment today, HR managers are now looked upon as the harbingers of change management and are more customer centered than ever (Susan, 2010). Today, an HR manager, depending upon the structure and magnitude of the organization holds all the responsibilities related to training, organizational development, policy recommendation, team building, employee relations, coaching, performance management and many others. The effectiveness of HR managers in the field of business is more related to quality; usually quantifying the effectiveness in quantitative terms in the short run is not possible. 
The effectiveness of Human Resource Management was questioned a few decades back. Organizations considered it an added cost to their cost structure and avoided such departments in the organization. However, with the increasing knowledge regarding the importance of human resource development and how it has shaped success for many organizations, acceptance for this area of management is now gaining (John, 2007). However, there is a general lack of literature when it comes to the effectiveness of human resource managers and professionals in the workplace. Although organizations know the importance of the department, there is low research on how important it is to have a competent human resource manager how is ready to make the right changes, the right moves in the right direction for the organization in a proactive manner; so that he/she effectively generates value for the organization. The general aim of the investigation is to fill the gap in the literature regarding the importance and effectiveness of human resource professionals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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