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However organization across the world faces a serious scarcity in workforce capability as they struggle to meet the demand for the right skills in a highly competitive…
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HR paper
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The Quest for Work Force Capability The Quest for Work Force Capability Organizations gain success mainly by having the right people with the right skills set for its objectives. However organization across the world faces a serious scarcity in workforce capability as they struggle to meet the demand for the right skills in a highly competitive global market. Due to this pursuit for workforce capability, Human Resource managers are left with an evaluation task to determine reasons for capability gap, challenges in building a workforce and how to develop a proper capability performance that meets the objectives of the organization (Emmerichs & Marcum 2004). As an HR, there is a great need to look into the above problem statement and redefine it to enable organization solve their current and future talent gaps as reviewed below.
Most organizations fail to assess the gaps in terms of competencies and right skills required to meet future goals. Eventually, this leads to lack of required staff resources in the right location to meet the current and future workload. This lack of right individual with the right skills widens capability gap and finally pose a threat to organizational achievements.
Additionally, most organizations fail to recognize employees as their greatest assets. They risks losing the few talented individuals to other competitors’ just because the organization fails to encourage, promote and invest in their staff resources. HR manager should lead the organization in rooting out this mentality and instead invest in continuous trainings that build capability workforce to address the organization’s future skill gaps.
Due to scarcity in skills, most organizations find it very expensive to hire staff to address the skills gap. Most critical skills attract a market premium for those organizations that fail to develop and retain key skills. The cost of training and developing critical skills has remained high for most organizations hence making such necessary expertise not affordable.
Rapid technological changes continue to remain a major challenge to most organization in addressing capability drive. This creates business environment with a more complex operations as skills evolve and become obsolete more rapidly. As an HR, there is a need to establish a proper knowledge and understanding of the global market and get the organization on toss with the changing market trends and technology so as to identify the relevant skills required in today’s world of production (Emmerichs & Marcum 2004).
Based on the fact that most graduates are “half baked”, they get employed with in adequate Skills and qualifications gap hence exposing most organizations to dilemmatic situation in determining whether the significant gaps in skills in scientific, technical, engineering and mathematics disciplines can be met by hiring a given personnel.
With great need for a workforce that satisfies the competitive demand of the contemporary work environment, the following contributions ensure HR involvement in building and developing workforce capabilities. Human resource managers should concentrate on their quest for the right skills by promoting an attitude of training and constant learning in our existing workforce (Emmerichs & Marcum 2004). This will enable them identify critical talents while focusing on meeting the changing demands of expertise in the future.
Moreover, HR should foster on Policies and employment programs aimed at attracting, promoting and nurturing required skills in a bid to seal the current and future skills capability gap. He / she should organize for both internal and external field and technical events to enable the organization tap some critical talents from external business to build on skills hub.
Furthermore, managers should ensure that strategic workforce planning document is in place and fully adopted to enable organizations to have a proper understanding on existing workforce as well as the required skills for execution of its strategy purposely to achieve its predefined objectives. Adoption of this will enable the organization to decide on the right number, talent, place, level and cost of expertise needed to steer head it towards its goals.
In conclusion, adoption of workforce capability gap in regard to the outlined solutions will eventually enable the organizations to sustain the highly competitive market skills to achieve their objectives and improves the organization’s understanding of the global market and get the organization on toss with the changing market trends and technology so as to identify the relevant skills required in today’s world of production.
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Emmerichs, R., & Marcum, C. (2004). An operational process for workforce planning. Santa Monica, CA: Rand. Read More
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