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Beautiful Minds project HRM 511 - Movie Review Example

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A Beautiful Mind is a movie about a person who is bestowed with a genius mind at the same time afflicted with a brain disorder known as schizophrenia. The story gives the account of a life that the talented mathematician lives amidst the mental until the time that he wins the…
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Beautiful Minds Movie project HRM 511
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Download file to see previous pages The movie further shows how love can win misunderstanding (Goldsman & Nasar, 2002).
However, the characters in the story wanted to show the course of admiration and that a disorder is not a barrier to a healthy existence. A Beautiful Mind shows a lot of effectiveness and esthetic beauty from the way the stage director has arranged the work. It must have a strong opening that evokes the emotion of the audience (Indick, 2004). Another element that we expect in dramaturgy is how the art is presented, how the directors capture the turning point and bringing out the climax. Nash suffers a lot because of the false impression that many at times take control of his life. It is evident in the story that during the time when Nash is in a state of delusion, he sees imaginary things, for instance, his comrade, Charles. The movie addresses the state of delusion that Nash is in at any time. The video controller creates a scenario where Charles is brought out as a real person greeting Nash at his time of joining the university. However, the state of delusion that Nash at times finds himself in is not a conscious occurrence (Goldsman & Nasar, 2002). At times, Nash gets into a state that the ego part of his mind takes control, for instance when his wife, Alicia decides to leave him he goes and stands in front of the car. That is a behavior that can only be seen in a child.
The major problem in the case of Nash is that he is unable to draw a line between veracity and delusion. Due to the mental problem with Nash, he is not able to control his moods and attitude because it keeps on changing from intelligence to absolute stupidity. Therefore, there is a competing conflict between emotions and behaviors and attitudes. It is the conscious part of mind that directs the attitude and behavior, however, when there is short of the brain control system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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