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Some of the technical careers are not choice for many candidates leaving a gap and problems associated with recruitment and selection. Few people are interested in…
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Emerging Trends Case Study
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EMERGING TRENDS CASE STUDY Majority have engaged various studies leaving other s which are technical and well paidcompared to others. Some of the technical careers are not choice for many candidates leaving a gap and problems associated with recruitment and selection. Few people are interested in technical courses and successfully get good jobs in various firms.
Shortage of vehicle technicians has been a major problem and concern that need to be looked in details. As a matter of fact, this problem will take long be solved. Although, the Technical and Maintenance Council of the America has laid down plans to solve the problem, but still there is need to educate the public the importance of the program (Prosser, 2009). Technical courses require creative thinking in science subjects which is the main obstacle to success to most students. Fear for science subjects has highly contributed to this problem to many candidates.
Constant rise of trade schools all over America for students who are not good enough to join colleges for further studies has contributed a lot for shortage in vehicle assembly industries. The rise of trade school makes most of the students not to have vision of being a technician in future. They therefore, end their dreams in businesses (Prosser, 2009). However, most of the technicians industries are managed by aged people creating no room for the young people. The need of strong learning background in to qualify to be an automotive technician has created fear to students.
Increase in wages to the workers working in industries may solve this crisis but to some extent. (U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Oak Ridge Associated Universities.,& Southern Interstate Nuclear Board. 2014)Due to increase wage, majority of students will have an aim of meeting the demands of qualifying to be a technician due to better pay due to demand for money to most youths. However, most of the students have developed fear of doing science subjects completely.
In summary, there is a need for the government to ensure that every institution is entitled to offer a compulsory science subjects to students to foster the level of awareness to science related courses.
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission., Oak Ridge Associated Universities., & Southern Interstate Nuclear Board. (2014). Nuclear related technician demand and supply: Southern Interstate Nuclear Board Region, 2013. Washington?: publisher not identified
PROSSER, R. A. (2009). Industrial Radioisotope Usage and Technician Demand And Training. Read More
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Emerging Trends Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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