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From the essay "Cost and Benefits of Internal Recruitment for ACE Media Group," it is clear that there are several benefits and costs associated with internal and external recruitment. Internal recruiting for the position of a director has several benefits…
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Cost and Benefits of Internal Recruitment for ACE Media Group
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Cost and Benefits of Internal Recruitment for ACE Media Group Cost and Benefits of Internal Recruitment for ACE Media Group
There are several benefits and costs associated with internal and external recruitment. Internal recruiting for the position of a director has several benefits. First, it would serve to boost the morale of the employee promoted to the position of a director. Therefore, the endorsed employee would be much more productive and dedicated to achieving the objectives of the organization. ACE Media Group will also save training and recruitment costs as the employee recruited will not need intensive training to perform his or her duties as a project lead in Malaysia. The director will only need to acclimatize to the foreign business environment but will not struggle to acquaint himself with the policies of the firm. The approach is also beneficial to the organization as it is much easier. The HR recruitment team will have access to sufficient information on potential candidates from its various branches across the world such as Sydney, UK, France Singapore and China. The availability of the information pool will make the selection process easier. In addition, internal recruitment will also facilitate succession planning.
ACE Media group will incur several costs associated with internal recruitment. First, they would bear the opportunity costs linked to recruiting old talent who lack new perspectives acquired from outside the organization. Being that ACE Media Group is a big business, it is possible that internal politics will arise among interests groups, and this may jeopardize the unity of workers. Internal recruitment may not help in turning the company around as the recruited employee will tend to stick to the usual strategies and stale ideas due to inbreeding within the firm.
External recruitment may bring to the company a new employee possibly a Malaysian who may not facilitate quick settlement in the foreign market due to local politics and prejudice. Read More
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