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Recruitement - Research Paper Example

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This will be done by evaluating the vacancy that exists. The HR department of the branch that needs this new person will match Pepsis needs at the moment with the position that is vacant. This will lead to a job…
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Extract of sample "Recruitement"

Download file to see previous pages This would then be advertised as appropriate. The Pepsi website often advertises jobs to support recruitment of staff members. Pepsi also recruits from Twitter and LinkedIn. These social media enables them to send job vacancies to people who qualify for them. At other times, they send the vacancy advert to local newspapers. For top level jobs or jobs at regional or international levels, they advertise in international media like global news channels like Al Jazeera and global newspapers like TIME magazine.
Candidates apply to Pepsi when they feel they are qualified. Once applications are received for the recruitment exercise, the appropriate HR staff and relevant managers assess the claims and offer jobs.
Pepsi is in competition with major companies like Coca Cola. As such, they will need to ensure that they recruit only the best people who can keep Pepsi at the top. This is because if they get the best in the industry, they are likely to overtake their competitors.
Pepsi appears to be a friendly organization because they offer people the chance to work with them. Their website shows a lot of details about their recruitment. This presents them as a positive organization to the world.
Organizational goals in Pepsi is always matched with the mission and vision declared by the management of the company. As such, recruitment enables the management of Pepsi to ensure that only the best people who can attain a given vision at every point in time are employed. This enables them to use their human resource in the most effective and most strategic way possible.
Since Pepsi is a big organization, putting together a recruitment campaign is expensive. First of all, they will have to maintain a big human resource management team that would continue to study the organization and plan recruitment activities. Secondly, the costs of advertising and maintaining the Pepsi website is bloated because of recruitment. Additionally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Recruitement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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