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Choose a business whose main focus is in the manufacture of renewable energy technology - Essay Example

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It swiftly managed to build 13 plants and companies in 7 countries worldwide after 30 years of development. Aelos Wind Turbine Company offers products which include vertical and horizontal axis wind…
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Choose a business whose main focus is in the manufacture of renewable energy technology
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Extract of sample "Choose a business whose main focus is in the manufacture of renewable energy technology"

Download file to see previous pages Aelos Wind Turbine Company may undertake strategic decisions such as defining the objective and policies of the company. Executives of the company are relegated with the task of analysing new markets and consequently designing new marketing strategies (Panneersalvam, 2006, p.2). They acknowledged the increasing demand in the wind energy industry; thus, they decided to offer their products to different countries. In addition, they have created alternative approaches to manufacturing. These executives established a long-term strategy that ensures sufficient financing. They focused on improving the technical features of the product. Lastly, executives at Aelos Wind Turbine Company designed strategies for recruitment, training, benefits, and salary. These are considered as strategic decisions as it determines the purpose, goal, and direction of the business organization (Panneersalvam, 2006, p.2).
Meanwhile, tactical decisions are performed at the middle management level. Tactical decisions of Aelos Wind Turbine Company may include determining a suitable plant location, new product establishment, monitoring of budget, and acquisition of resources. Executives compare the overall performance of the company to the standard marketing plan. They analyzed summary reports that compare standard performance or overall plan for productions (Panneersalvam, 2006, p.2). In addition, they are concerned with information on actual versus the budgeted cost of error rates and processing accounting data. Lastly, these executives concentrate in variance analysis of firing and hiring, cost of training, and cost of recruitment (Panneersalvam, 2006, p.2). These decisions can be considered as tactical as those only affect a single department in the company. These decisions are frequently made by middle managers, which include heads of the departments (Panneersalam, 2006, p.2).
Lastly, operational decisions are undertaken on the bottom management level. The operational decisions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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