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Kao Corp: International competition and trading across borders study 06032 - Essay Example

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The background of the project relates to the competition among the organizations in the international market in order to increase their customer base as well as expand their production levels. The country that has the comparative advantage in producing a particular good,…
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Kao Corp: International competition and trading across borders study 06032
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Download file to see previous pages The consumer goods comprises of a wide range of products that are essential on a daily basis. For example, it comprises of products related to skin, hair and beauty products (Nishio, et al., 2008). Further, the chemical business comprises of products that are further required in the chemical industry. Since these goods can be considered under the essential commodities that are produced by Kao Corporation, the performance of the company in the international market becomes an interesting topic to be analysed. The analysis would help the researcher to gain additional knowledge regarding the company.
Kao Corporation has served its customers for over 120 years with the wide range of products that the company manufactures (Cheng, et al., 2009). The product line comprises of both consumer products as well as the chemical products. The consumer products bring in cleanliness and hygiene and the chemical products are used in the chemical industries. The company aims to bring in innovation and create a global presence by raising its customer base and serving them with quality products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and specializes in various businesses such as manufacturing of the beauty care products, health care products, fabric and home care products as well as the chemical products (Vaz, et al., 2012). The company works with diverse stakeholders to understand the requirement of the people all over the world and manufacture products that are highly demanded in the market. It aims at offering value to its customers so that they can satisfy by offering them with the brands and the products of excellent value.
The project is to be done in five chapters with the first chapter comprising of the introduction section that is a brief outline of the company as well as the purpose of choosing the research topic. The chapter also specifies the research aim. The second chapter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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