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The demand forecasting takes many techniques, including informal methods such as quantitative methods and educated guesses. The…
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Human resources planning
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Download file to see previous pages The factors that influence the demand for products and services, as well as skills competencies are put into consideration and how these factors may continue to influence demand. The company’s supply chain boosts for lower inventories, smoother production plans, reduced stock-outs, and improved customer service as a result of better forecasting techniques.
The supply technique adopted by the organization is effectively done to ensure that production is done for the right quantities and the right time. For this reason, the suppliers of YWCA Niagara have always strived to find ways to match demand and supply in order to achieve optimal levels of cost, customer service, and quality that guarantees a competitive advantage with other suppliers, especially in the HR market (Armstrong, 2007). The YWCA Niagara supply chain is designed in such a way that problems that affect delivery may have ramifications throughout the chain.
Demand and supply in the human resource department are done by reviewing the data available in the HR audit and projections made for future HR demand and supply. The internal labor force in the organization may be affected by temporary factors such as leaves and permanent factors such as deaths. One of the core methods used by the company to forecast the future HR supply is trend analysis. The method is based on the assumption that past ratios and trends in the movement of employees is stable and is a reliable indicator of the future trends and the necessary ratios of employee movement (Belcourt, & Belcourt, 2012). The company makes use of the information collected in HR audit and employment data analysis to identify the labor patterns. The examination of past trends enables the HR department to predict the effect of similar activities in the future of the organization since the HR department makes the assumption that the factors will remain stable and unchanged.
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